Ranavat, the modern, high-performance, all-natural Ayurvedic skincare line, has arrived to Biosplendor. We could not be more satisfied with this wonderful brand, 100% natural cosmetics with a great reputation worldwide.

Inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals, Michelle, founder of Ranavat, is named one of the "50 Most Influential Indians Globally" by Vogue India. Her passion: Discovering ancient beauty secrets and healing modalities that existed for thousands of years, combining them with modern science and alchemy, always with a totally natural approach.

Ranavat ayurvedic beauty

All products are completely formulated in India, with locally sourced ingredients such as Bakuchi, Ashwagandha, Damask Rose, Lotus Flower, Manjistha, Wild Turmeric, Saffron, Licorice Root, Sesame Seeds and many more ...

One of India's key ingredients is saffron, which stimulates cell repair, restores damaged skin, brightens the complexion, and soothes irritation.

Each of the ingredients is methodically extracted and preserved for its healing properties, ensuring all kinds of benefits for the skin.

Gucci Westman, Hailey Bieber, and many more celebrities are among Ranavat's fans and have already shared their Ayurvedic beauty secrets.

The waiting list to get your products is incredibly long. As the raw material is very difficult to obtain, the production is very limited and the demand is very high, and its products are small jewels in treatment, made with care and delicacy, in an artisanal way, and cared for in the smallest detail. From Biosplendor we are proud to be one of the exclusive international stores to be able to offer them to you.

Ranavat Vegan & Natural Beauty treat your skin like royalty

Fusion of modern alchemy and romance, Ranavat treatments are a sensory escape to the days when kings and queens ruled and indulged in expertly crafted skin treatments.

Michelle Ranavat, the Founder

An expert in Science, with 4 years of work in a prestigious financial company on Wall Street and after 6 years of pharmaceutical activity, Michelle Ranavat fuses her experience with love and appreciation for the artisan tradition of India.


  1. Bachelor of Science: Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  2. Master of Science: Engineering Management. Tufts University.

Michelle works with a diverse team of freelancers to represent the line at all levels of the organization, from initial idea to final product realization.

Ranavat Founder

Claim Your Crown – Ranavat´s philosophy

What does “Claim your crown” mean and what is Ranavat's emblem both on its packaging and on social media?

“Claim your crown" gives you the ability to assume anything. It is meant to inspire, share, and rule your own destiny. It is not necessary to be born into a family or in certain circumstances to make it happen, it is simply "to believe what you are."

Indian-inspired beauty is between the intersection of clean wellness and culture-driven beauty.

Ranavat supports an entire ecosystem for the preservation of ancestral traditions for expert artisans who work from generation to generation perfecting their craft. While wellness and Ayurvedic inspiration in ingredients are trending, there is an opportunity to be the first to share the art of Ayurveda from South Asia by one brand, Ranavat.

Ranavat - What makes the difference...

Ranavat offers treatments inspired by real ancient beauty rituals, brought to life using pure and high quality Ayurvedic botanical ingredients.

They preserve the artisan methods (using copper vessels) and have an Ayurvedic doctor on the team.

A strong founder, passionate about preserving the artisan traditions and beauty of India.

Ranavat will soon be cited in the book "Global Beauty Rituals" published by the editor of the NY Times.

Ranavat is featured frequently in Vogue India, Byrdie and many other specialist publications as an Ayurvedic brand and founder.

Now, more than ever, “skin care” is “personal care”, and Ranavat is a ritual that is communicated through rich textures, profiles with intoxicating essences and careful packaging with elaborate presentations.

What lies beyond "Claim your Crown"...

Ranavat helps men and women who face adversity with the mission of "claiming their crown." She therefore donates 2% of her proceeds to the Desai Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education and programs for men, women and children in rural villages in India.

Ranavat skincare products:

- Facial massage tool made with copper and handmade whose use reports incredible benefits for the skin. - So powerful and amazing that its use, in combination with Ranavat serums and creams, detoxifies the skin and...
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