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These are the Terms and Conditions that govern the contractual relationship of product acquisition that Biosplendor offers in its online store.

The terms and conditions of sale described below govern exclusively the contractual relationships between all users of the Biosplendor web pages (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") and the seller, which is Biosplendor - Jose González Adánez (hereinafter referred to as " BIOSPLENDOR "or also" Nosotros ") and owner of the online store: www.biosplendor.com with registered office at Calle Mayor nº 15, 1º 4ª. 08740 Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona and registered with NIF ES47787929.





1.1. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase is the provision by BIOSPLENDOR of the products offered in your Online Shop, in exchange for an economic benefit.

1.2. All communications by the User to Biosplendor may be made through the following forms:

• Send by mail to the following address: Biosplendor - C / Mayor nº 15, 1º 4ª

• Send by e-mail to the following address: info@biosplendor.com

• Contact via "Contact form" of our website





2.1. These Terms and Conditions, together with your order confirmation, constitute the agreement between BIOSPLENDOR and the Customer for the supply of products. No other Terms and Conditions apply.


2.2. The access and use of the BIOSPLENDOR service implies on the part of the User the full and unreserved acceptance of all the conditions contained in these Conditions of Use. In addition, Biosplendor reserves the unilateral right to modify the present conditions of Use and access to the service to facilitate and exchange information on cosmetic products and / or online stores and establish communication between users. This consent will apply to all users of the site, including sellers, end consumers, merchants and content contributors.

This web page has been designed and created to allow access to the services that BIOSPLENDOR offers. The conditions of use are subject to the current legality and to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the user, being prohibited any type of action to the detriment of BIOSPLENDOR and third parties.





The user agrees to use the services and contents of the page in accordance with what is established in law, morality, public order and in the present general conditions of use. It also undertakes to make appropriate use of the services and / or contents of the site and not to use them to carry out illegal activities or constitute crimes and / or that infringe the regulation on intellectual and industrial property or any other form of legal order applicable.


3.1 Rules of participation


Biosplendor reserves the right to suspend or cancel, totally or partially, with or without prior notice, any content or user account that violates the present conditions of use of the Service. By way of illustration, and in no case limiting or exclusive, the user undertakes not to perform any of the following activities:


to. Offend, insult, discredit or harass others in any common Biosplendor space. Likewise, the user undertakes not to use the contact tools of other users to carry out this type of activities.

B. Introduce or broadcast content or propaganda of a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, pedophile, excessively violent, apologetic or threatening human rights.

C. Publish images of others without your consent.

D. Defame or slander companies, groups, NGOs, or any other group of individuals.

and. Plagiarize, copy or use content of other persons or media without your consent.

F. Supplant other persons, groups or legal entities.

G. Carry out commercial activities, such as the promotion of products and services, without the authorization of Biosplendor; Generate spam, transmit unsolicited commercial messages, use the Service as a tool to forward to another Web or promote your site by publishing multiple messages and identical in different Biosplendor spaces.

H. Duplicate content. That is, copy and publish with or without authorization of the author, and in a systematic way, content published in other websites.

I. Offer, sell or exchange services and products that Biosplendor administrators consider, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate.

to. Biosplendor administrators consider, in their sole discretion, to be inappropriate.

J. Add some software that may interfere with the normal operation of the system or any code, file or program that offers advertising through popup windows. Likewise, the user undertakes not to publish content that violates the conditions of use of the advertising services used in Biosplendor.

K. Improperly use the Biosplendor functionalities to self-promote or improve any website's positioning in search engine results.

L. Biosplendor may, according to each case, take one of the following moderating measures:


- Eliminate the specific content without prior notice.

- Suspend, temporarily or definitively, the appearance of the contents published by the author in any of the public spaces of Biosplendor.

- Delete the user account with all its contents.





By using this service you agree that Biosplendor may include advertisements in the user area or in any common space, with or without prior notice, and without any kind of compensation to the user. You also agree not to obstruct or manipulate the display of these advertisements. By registering the user agrees that Biosplendor may send to its e-mail newsletters that include advertising.





Due to the technical nature of the offered service, Biosplendor will not assume any responsibility for the loss of data, information or files that occur as a result of the cut or interruption in the provision of any of its services, declining all responsibility for the damages or damages that of This could be derived. Biosplendor reserves the right to suspend unilaterally, temporarily or irreversibly, and without prior notice, the accessibility to its system or the partial or total content of this, due to the possible need to carry out maintenance, repair, updating, Improvement of the same or incompatibility with the service offered.





BIOSPLENDOR is not responsible for the misuse that can be made of this web page. BIOSPLENDOR can not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that could cause damage to computer systems, electronic documents or user files on this page or third parties, so it is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by these Causes. BIOSPLENDOR is not responsible for the content of the web pages linked to our website, since they are not under the control of BIOSPLENDOR nor is such third party information approved by BIOSPLENDOR. However, we review all our links and hyperlinks to other websites. This legal notice applies only to information collected on the biosplendor.com website and not to the contents collected on the third party pages. BIOSPLENDOR reserves the right to modify this legal notice when it deems it appropriate and respecting in any case the applicable regulations.





Personal data and other information regarding the identity of the user are subject to the privacy policy of Biosplendor.



Conditions of Purchase at www.biosplendor.com





8.1. In order to place an order, the Customer must be of legal age (18 years).

8.2. The Client must carry out the entire purchase process and make the payment with any of the systems that the page facilitates.

8.3. When the Customer places their order, BIOSPLENDOR will send the order number via mail.

8.4. When placing your order, the Customer is making an offer to purchase the products that you have selected in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. BIOSPLENDOR will be able to accept or not accept your offer.

8.5. When BIOSPLENDOR accepts an order, it will notify the customer of such acceptance by issuing an order confirmation. The confirmation of the order will be sent by e-mail, provided that the Client has provided his e-mail address on his personal data form. In case of non-acceptance, BIOSPLENDOR will contact the Customer to inform him through any of the available means of contact that the user has indicated prior to the completion of the order.


8.6. In case the purchase has been made by an end consumer or a company will be extended the corresponding invoice. In both will be the breakdown corresponding to the Value Added Tax if applicable and shipping costs.





9.1. BIOSPLENDOR will send the customer their products to the delivery address that has been stated for each order.

9.2. In the web page, specifically in the shopping basket, the amount to which the shipping costs are indicated before the purchase is indicated.

9.3. If the item is available at the time of placing the order, the period between the completion of the order and the date of delivery will be 1/2 working days from the validation of the payment received. If the item was not in stock at the time of placing the order, BIOSPLENDOR will contact the Customer to inform you accordingly. The estimated delivery times are for orders placed in the peninsula and can vary if they are made from Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta or Melilla.

9.4. BIOSPLENDOR will deliver the product once it has been verified that the payment has been executed correctly.

9.5. The mention of terms indicate hours and / or working days, thus excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. If for any reason attributable to BIOSPLENDOR this deadline is exceeded, the client will be informed by BIOSPLENDOR.

9.6. The Client undertakes that he or another designated person is in the indicated address to receive the package. If you are absent on a first delivery attempt, the carrier will leave a notice requesting a customer contact to schedule a new delivery.

In the case of multiple failed deliveries, the order will be returned to BIOSPLENDOR, with the consequent return to the Client of the payment made less the costs of shipping and returning the merchandise to be borne by the Customer.


9.7.a. Shipping costs:

The cost of Shipping costs for the Canary Islands is € 9.95 and the delivery time is 72 hours from the day after placing the order on our website.

For example: If an order is placed on Monday, it starts counting 72 hours from Tuesday (the estimated delivery date would be Thursday).

9.7.b. Taxes:

Shipments to the Canary Islands are subject to taxes from the territory itself, which comply with the following regulations:

IGIC (3%) is applied to all orders that are sent to the Canary Islands, which is already applied to the price of the product.

High value orders: For orders equal to or greater than € 150, the amount of DUA (€ 13.45) is charged

For orders containing "special products" (* soaps, bath gels and nutricosmetics), the AIEM tax (5% of the value of special products) + DUA (€ 13.45) is charged.

* The Canarian territory protects the local production of certain products referred to in these special terms as "special products". For this reason, any product of the aforementioned type that crosses the borders of the Canarian territory has an associated tax levy called AIEM, which corresponds to 5% of the value of the product.

Payment of additional taxes (DUA and AIEM as applicable) is the responsibility of the client.

The payment of the taxes that apply to the orders affected by the previous cases, must be made at the time of delivery of the order.

In case of rejecting the order and it is returned to Biosplendor, the amount corresponding to the order will be refunded, subtracting taxes and shipping costs. 



10.1. All products offered by BIOSPLENDOR are guaranteed. BIOSPLENDOR undertakes to replace or make the corresponding payment if any of its products suffers from a manufacturing defect within 14 days of delivery. In this case all costs of returning the product and sending the new product or the same repaired, are paid by BIOSPLENDOR.

10.2. The consumer must inform BIOSPLENDOR of the lack of conformity of the product within 14 days from the completion of the order by an email requesting the withdrawal of the product / order. In the event that the problem of said product is not under warranty, it will be the consumer who pays the possible additional expenses that originate from said return.





11.1. BIOSPLENDOR offers a flexible return policy. The customer may exercise his right to return his order or any of the products he contains within 14 working days of receipt of his order.


In order for the return to be accepted, the following conditions must be respected. In case of alteration of these indications, BIOSPLENDOR reserves the right to not accept the return:


• Products must be returned within 14 business days from the date the Customer receives the order.

• The products must be returned in their original packaging and must be in perfect condition. If the product is wrapped in transparent paper, the paper may not have been opened.

• Products may not have been used.



11.2. In the case of manufacturing defects, BIOSPLENDOR will pay for the return of the order. The customer may request a refund of the amount of the affected product or a replacement of the product which has a deadline of delivery of 24/48 hours from the receipt of the defective product in BIOSPLENDOR.

11.3. It is not possible to return or exchange a purchased product when it comes to a flash sale or limited edition. Except for the above, if the product is damaged by the transport or the product is defective in origin. In this case, it will apply clause 11.2.





If the customer wishes to contact BIOSPLENDOR, he can do so in the Customer Service Department by:


¥ Send a message through the Contact Form.

¥ Email to info@biosplendor.com


At the indicated time:

- Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m to 6:30 p.m.

- Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.





13.1. BIOSPLENDOR undertakes to make available to the Customer all necessary information regarding the products it offers as well as the orders. BIOSPLENDOR is not responsible for the non-execution of these conditions in case of force majeure or an unforeseeable event either by the Client or a person outside the contract.

13.2. The Customer agrees to fill out the order forms and their fields according to the instructions given. BIOSPLENDOR will protect the data in accordance with the law. The Customer also agrees to pay the price of the product, with the corresponding taxes and shipping costs if applicable.

13.3. We remind you that it is advisable to keep a copy of the data contained in the products purchased. BIOSPLENDOR shall not be liable for any loss of data, files or, in general, any damage resulting from a failure of backup by the Client of the data contained in the products purchased.

13.4. BIOSPLENDOR is not responsible for any consequences that may result from improper use of the products sold in your Online Store.





All opinions written by Clients are controlled by the BIOSPLENDOR team. BIOSPLENDOR reserves the right to reject or modify said opinions as applicable in clause 3 (3.1).





15.1. The personal data of the Client are indispensable to guarantee the service of sale of products provided by BIOSPLENDOR in its web page. The absence of these data will lead to the automatic cancellation of orders. By registering on the page, the Client undertakes to provide valid personal data, which enable the service to be provided by BIOSPLENDOR and the correct identification of the registered Client, as well as the sending of information and advertising of the different products and offers that BIOSPLENDOR You can have on your web pages.





16.1. All contents of the Online Shop of BIOSPLENDOR and its Blog (illustrations, texts, names, brands, images, videos) are property of BIOSPLENDOR. Any partial or total reproduction of the content by any means and in any media is subject to prior and express authorization of BIOSPLENDOR.





17.1. This contract will be interpreted and will be governed by current Spanish and European legislation.

17.2. These general conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and with waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the courts and courts of the user's domicile.





18.1. All promotions and coupons have an expiration of one month unless Biosplendor expresses another indication.

18.2. Promotions based on discount coupons will always apply solely and exclusively to the value of the product.

18.3. Promotions based on discount coupons, will only be applicable consuming a minimum amount, which in the case of not being specified will be encrypted at 70 € for all promotions.

18.4. Promotions are not cumulative with each other unless expressed otherwise by BIOSPLENDOR.

18.5. BIOSPLENDOR reserves the right to void a promotion to the user / s making an incorrect use of it.



15 May 2017


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