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The seed of Biosplendor

Como surge biosplendor

How biosplendor comes about I am like you: One day I got up and, looking at myself in the mirror, I told myself that I had to find a method to combat those wrinkles that gradually appeared on my face. I am also like you because I do not like my skin and my body absorb harmful products that do nothing but harm my health. I like to take care of myself, to love and to feel good.

I adopt a healthy lifestyle, I do not cease to investigate and I look for the best. And I am like you, a person desperate to try once and for all the problem of having reactive skin: sensitive, redness, enlarged pores and to which every treatment seems to hurt and has no effect.

When I discovered all the benefits that natural cosmetics could offer me, it was a path of no return; I could not go back to commercial and conventional treatments.

It is a fascinating world, which adds, contributes and offers us well-being. The best of all is that, at last, all this time of study, training and creation we can divulge with you.


Biosplendor is born

Nace Biosplendor

Biosplendor is born with a goal: Share with all you the best tricks, secrets and, above all, treatments, so that you can show perfect skin.  

Always in a natural way, because we believe in everything that nature gives us, that makes us feel good and that does not harm us.  

We only choose natural and organic products; Brands that maintain a commitment: not to include among their formulations mineral oils, parabens, toxic chemicals, PEG .., that do not test with animals and respect the environment.  

We seek luxury, but not in its most frivolous expression, but in everything that includes a well done work, elaborated, from the image carefully with the smallest detail, to the pure composition, marked by excellence.

Do not skimp on quality and concentration of active ingredients and raw materials.  

So that your skin is the reflection of all that splendor.


About us:

We are a team of passionate professionals, highly qualified, we cover various disciplines (from naturopathy to experts in ecommerce) and that, most likely, we share with you many aspects, among them, wanting to always be beautiful, take care of our health, our Skin, but far from anything that can hurt us, naturally.  

We take care of everything and everyone, to the smallest detail, so that your experience is gratifyingly satisfying, since you visit us until you receive that little jewel in your house.  We want you to see, read, enjoy, try and communicate with us whenever you need it.

We will always be happy to assist you in the different forms of communication that we provide. Do not hesitate and do it.  

Our goal is to take care of you, to pamper you, always with the best: natural, ecological, vegan, bio .. but above all under the baton of a great team that will always control that everything you use is good for you, carefully sustainable and that gives results .  

We are committed to it. We want you to look resplendent.    

We begin as a dawn, full of illusions.  We are going to give you the light through the fantastic treatments that we have carefully selected.

We are health, nature in the form of beauty treatments.

Life dispensers for your skin and your interior.

We love the happiness of the sustainable and the harmony of the equity.

We advocate a world of splendor that respects the media and the media.  

We choose beauty, sophistication, trend, nature and life.

We want to approach this universe that we have created so dearly.  

We want you to be a Biosplendor person.  

Because you know to choose:  

Be beauty



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