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Faithful companions, silent confidants, unconditional, with a pure and essential love ...
There is so much that our pets give us ... Getting home after a day of work and seeing how their reception is, is something that fills; everyone who has a pet will understand what we are talking about. In those moments one is able to see that they are the living image of pure and unconditional love, they wait for us because they appreciate what we are, in our own essence, they expect nothing more than ourselves.

They take care of us, support us, accompany us in all our experiences; they play a very important emotional role in the life of every person.

Tacking care of my mate

Today we want to pay tribute to them, dedicate time to them so that we know the importance of taking care of our pets with natural products. They suffer from skin conditions caused by the toxins of the products we apply to them when we wash them.
How many times have we heard "My dog ​​has an allergy" or we have seen that my dog ​​or yours has scaly skin or is irritated ...

We must be as conscious with them as with ourselves, they cannot choose on their own, so we choose products without chemicals for pets, to take care of them as much as we do of ourselves. Today, when you read this post, be aware of everything they bring us, and let's dedicate extra time to pamper them and take care of them as they deserve:



We are going to create a world of care and relaxation for them, yes, today is the day, let's spend time cleaning them, refreshing their skin and giving them a massage. Let us show them the gratitude of their company taking care of them as they deserve.

1) Dampen hair and skin with not to warm water (do not do it with hot water)

2) Apply the shampoo in the palm of your hand, and start rubbing it on the back until it spreads all over the areas.

Take special care not to let soap or water get into your pet's ears and eyes to avoid irritation.

3) Let the pet shampoo work for 5-10 minutes

4) Take advantage of this waiting time to massage your faithful companion.

Using light pressure with the palm of your hands and full of the fingers, make circular movements from behind the ears to the back until reaching the calves / thighs. Massage the thighs with the same movement and go to the front legs to continue with the Pet Spa session.

Once the maximum 10 minutes have passed, which is the ideal time for the active ingredients of the shampoo to be effective, rinse again with lukewarm water and little by little.
Now it only remains to dry. With a towel, gently, dry your dog's coat (we don't think a cat will get this far ;-)) and once you have removed the moisture, you can use a dryer if you wish, being very careful not to put it hot to avoid burns and possible skin damage.
With this moment of companions, you will see how content @ s our animals stay and how fresh and clean.
To give your pets a bath, we recommend Ami Iyök Natural Pet Shampoo, which is ideal for taking care of them.


* In case you have any doubts, we answer some frequently asked questions by our followers:

  • How often should I wash my pet?
Normally once a month, but in case yor pet has a specifically hair or skin condition it could require some treatment, in that case it can reach 3 times a week (but this is something that should be recommended by the vet).

  • Can I use my shampoo on my pet ?.
NO, the answer is emphatic just to be clear.
The PH of the people is more acidic than that of the animals, which would imply that both the gels or shampoos of people could cause damage to the skin of our pet because it is more acidic than its skin tolerates..
Never use human shampoo on animals.

  • My pet has scaling of the skin and a lot of hair falls out. What do I do?
Take him to the vet. These symptoms can stem from a parasitic infection, an allergy, or a skin disease. An expert will know how to analyze your problem and give you a solution.

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