20 Natural Remedies for Cellulite

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-Natural Remedies against Cellulite-

Sedentary life, inadequate diet, little physical exercise ... there are factors that we all know are triggers for Cellulite, but we already know why we have it. Many of us wonder "how to remove cellulite from the thighs or legs?", Or "how to remove the accumulated fat from the belly?" Well, you've come to the right place. In this guide you will find the remedies, what to do to get rid of it and the best preventive tricks so that you do not recover it again. Let's start from the base:

What Cellulite is?.

Cellulite is nothing more than the accumulation of localized fat, which is sometimes accompanied by vascular problems, fluid retention and an imbalance in fibrous or connective tissue.
There are 3 types of cellulite, edematous (it gives a swollen appearance to the area where it accumulates), hard (noticeable only when the affected area is squeezed, and this tissue is hard) and soft (same effects as the previous one but with soft fatty tissue); sometimes there is coexistence of these 3.

What do I do to get rid of it?

Let us start from the realistic basis that cellulitis is not easy to eliminate, sometimes genetic and hormonal aspects that influence its appearance, such as menopause or pregnancy, make it difficult to get rid of it or minimize it.
That being said, we don't give up, and we've discovered the best guide to tips for ending cellulite and preventing its occurrence.

Here we will teach you the 20 tricks that will make you prevent and fight cellulite in an effective and healthy way, all our recommendations being natural and beneficial for health.

1) Taking care of your diet is essential:

We must start with the most basic, to attack the problems from the roots, and in most, not to say on all occasions, not taking care of our diet is the main cause of our cellulite. Here are some basic tips:
  • Reduces the intake of animal fats:
  • If you consume excess animal fats, you promote lipogenesis, which is nothing more than the process in which fatty acids are synthesized, creating more reserve (accumulated) fat.

Minimizing fat intake will significantly improve your appearance.

  • Reduces excessive consumption of sugar:

Excess sugar causes glycation of the collagen fibers. This hardening and deformity causes glycation cellulite to appear, which is the appearance of lumps on the skin due to a disorder and solidification of the collagen fibers. Eliminating soft drinks, sweets and including more protein in your diet will help reduce this type of cellulite.

  • Encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables:

These, in addition to providing you with a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants, are going to help you keep at bay your voracious or anxious appetite for an unhealthy snack. What do you get from work and want to rob the pantry ?: well, you eat an apple. This way you will avoid consuming foods that harm your purpose: Eliminate Cellulite.

2) Use a granulated silicone massage glove for cellulite:

In the application of your gel, lightly massage (in preparation for the following trick) the skin to start activating the area, reduce fluid accumulation and eliminate toxins from your skin. Before leaving the shower, you will do a little hydrotherapy, running a stream of cold water over your legs to activate circulation in the area.
So your skin is ready for action.

3) Use a good Anti-Cellulite Cream, or natural Reducing Cream:

Full of detoxifying and fat cell reducing active ingredients, a good anti-cellulite cream will take you through leaps and bounds along the path of cellulite removal. Using it in your anti-cellulite massages, you will get an extra effect.
Depending on whether you like more oil or body cream, we recommend you:


4) Anti-cellulite massage. A new ally that you must include in your routine:

We all know the benefits of massages: relaxation, relief of tension and pain, avoiding fluid retention ... now comes the Anti-Cellulite Self-massage:
Consistency is basic in this trick, every morning and night of each day you must perform this massage to appreciate its benefits.
Preparation: After the shower, where you have already prepared the skin for massage (it is very important to have clean and impurity-free skin to improve the penetration of a good anti-cellulite cream).
Technique of the massage: In an ascending way, that is, starting from the knees to the upper part of the thighs and calves, we will initially work with the palm of the hands with circular movements and light pressure, we will go back down and repeat the movement 10 times. Once we have completed these 10 steps, we will do the same, but with the fingertips and applying higher pressure. To finish, we will use our knuckles, making circles with them and pressing a little more (it doesn't have to hurt, it's just pressure).
If you have cellulite on your belly, you can perform the technique with the palm of your hands and in circular movements.


5) Take an Infusion at the beginning and at the end of the day:

The idea here is to speed up our metabolism, that is, the burning of fats. There are foods with active ingredients that act as metabolic accelerators, and the great fortune is that we can find them in almost any pantry.
We recommend some infusions so that you can benefit from them:

  • Infusion of apple skin and cinnamon:
  • Apple skin has great slimming properties and actively helps build muscles. In addition, ursolic acid, which prevents apple skin from wearing down, will help us to generate good cholesterol and to make our bones strong.

With this infusion we will burn fat while improving the quality of our muscles and bones.

Preparation: Peel 3 apples, put them in a liter of water, bring it to a boil and let it temper. Add a tablespoon of cinnamon and you're done. To enjoy it and its benefits!.

  • Infusion of pineapple and ginger:

Pineapple, purifying and antioxidant and fortunately very common and accessible; Ginger is a natural medicine, it deflates and prevents the oxidation of cells. Combined in an infusion they are a super trick against cellulite.

Preparation: put half a base of water to boil with the content equivalent to a tablespoon of ginger. Bring it to a boil and strain the result to keep only the liquid.

Cut two slices of pineapple, pass them through the blender and mix the juice with the infusion of ginger. From here, it only remains to enjoy it and its slimming benefits.

In addition to these recommendations, you can make use of other infusions such as Green Tea that also actively help combat the problem of accumulated fat.

6) Do not hold the same postures for too long:

Cross your legs, stay seated ...
One of the worst things there is for cellulite is a lack of circulation. We have to promote free blood circulation and venous return. If we cross our legs frequently or sit for a long time, the lymph nodes become blocked, making circulation difficult.
Avoid those postures for long periods of time. Stand up, move your legs, strech them, take a break at work...

7) Increase water intake:

Water I love you water...
We all know the benefits of water, and that is that we are largely water after all...
Drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach and throughout the day increase your water intake. This will help eliminate waste from the body (toxins and fats).

8) Take Vitamin C:

We recommend taking a Vitamin C supplement or increasing the consumption of foods that contain it (Kiwis, Oranges, Grapefruits, parsley, peppers ...).
Vitamin C improves the health and quality of our blood vessels, therefore improving circulation.

9) Take Omega 3:

Omega 3 regulates the bad fats in our body, promoting their waste and improving the health of our blood vessels, circulation and heart.
Take an Omega 3 pill every morning.

10) Avoid salt:

Reduce salt intake. This causes fluid retention, making it difficult to eliminate them and consequently fight cellulite.

11) Lemon and Herbs:

Great substitute for salt, you can dress your meals with a mixture of lemon and aromatic herbs. You will not miss the salt in your dishes and you will benefit your legs and tummy.

12) Avoid tight clothing:

We have already mentioned several times the importance of good circulation to avoid cellulite. Of course, tight clothing makes this task difficult for us, avoid it.

13) Take a jelly:

Whether after eating or snacking, taking gelatin will help you create new connective tissue, which is the one that has been damaged by excess fat, hormones, or poor circulation.

14) Eat Bananas:

Banana, a rich source of potassium, will make your circulation better and therefore reduce cellulite.

15) Eat green vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach have a high iron content, which favors the oxygenation of the tissues, helping to burn their fat.

16) Make use of the exotic:

There are many exotic spices that help us, there are ancient medicine such as Japanese, Chinese or Ayurvedic, which use spices and natural remedies as the basis for healing.
You can use either in infusions or seasoning spices such as:

  • Dandelion: Super diuretic and draining. It is ideal taken as an infusion to improve circulation, especially in the legs.
  • Horsetail: An ancient remedy against cellulite, helps to create connective tissue and eliminate waste from the body, including cellulite.
    • Gotu Kola: Improves circulation, structures the connective tissue and helps in the formation of collagen. Take it as an infusion or apply it topically to the skin.
      • ...

17) Do exercises every morning:

Set yourself a routine in the morning in which you practice a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise. Do squats and sit-ups, these exercises, focused on problem areas, will be of great help. Taken into practice every day, they will be your salvation.

18) Goodbye to bad vices. Outside Tobacco and Alcohol:

Smoking causes a lot of damage, as far as cellulite is concerned, it makes the tissues have less oxygenation, making circulation difficult and alcohol increases the accumulated fat.
If you want to get rid of cellulite, you have to get rid of them too.

19) Brush the skin dry:

3 times a week, with a soft bristled brush, brush the affected skin dry. You will eliminate impurities and enhance the circulation of the affected area, oxygenating it and improving the waste capacity of toxins and fats.

20) Home remedy for the weekend:

In addition to the anti-cellulite massages that we have proposed and the application of natural anti-cellulite creams, you can complete the routine to maximize the effects with home and natural remedies.
During the weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday, apply topically and with circular massages (then rinse with cold water), one of the following homemade anti-cellulite creams that you will make at home with 100% natural ingredients and from your pantry:

  • Coffee cream, Sugar, Coconut Oil (exfoliating and energizing):

Preparation: Mix 3 tablespoons of coffee, 2 sugar and 1 coconut tureen. Stir until the ingredients are mixed, and voila, a natural scrub on your hands and legs.

  • Apple cider vinegar (draining):

Apply apple cider vinegar to the area, massaging it vigorously.

  • Natural tomato puree (draining and antioxidant):

Apply to the affected area by doing a circular massage with natural tomato puree.

What do you think of these tricks? We hope they are very helpful! We guarantee that if you follow them consistently, you will wear legs very soon ;-) .

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