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Brandon Truaxe is the founder of DECIEM, the emblem that has managed to create beauty brands that change people's lives. All with a common denominator: Function, design and, above all, authenticity. With FOUNTAIN, one of them, I would also emphasize essence, genuineness and achievement, because it is to take a small amount of its miraculous potions and to notice, day after day, how its wonderful effects come true. It shows his constant work, tenacious, and the effort invested in each of his brands, nowadays at the forefront of innovation and results. Its essence is to seek authenticity and protect its development, in a paternal way.

Fountain is a brand of beauty supplements, with different versions called molecules, with highly bioavailable and soluble formulations, loaded with healthy nutrients and beauty enhancers presented in liquid form very easy to take. The results are spectacular. In Britain, where they come from, one is sold every 11 seconds. They have a success nothing comparable to the benefits that can be obtained from them.

The objective is the use of natural and organic ingredients, in very high concentrations and totally assimilated by the body that, ingested in a habitual way, manage to physically and mentally rejuvenate the people who use them.

Brandon aims to change the world of beauty, and is getting it, really for good!

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