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Herbal Tea Fusions Spicy & Warm - 50g

The good work of the firm Inlinght Beauty passes 100% natural and organic treatments and incorporates the best way to take care of yourself: The fusion of medicinal herbs with the best teas to achieve an incredible nutricosmetic treatment that complements perfectly with the creams and lotions. Take care on the outside, but also from the inside. The results, amazing!.

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

Dr. Spiezia, founder of Inlight and his wonderful treatments, through his exhaustive training and knowledge of nature as a herbalist doctor, presents a selection of the best herbs and teas, mixing colors, aromas, textures and sensations to bring vitality and completely complement the exquisite line of skin care of the brand.

A careful selection of plants, herbs and flowers that act in synergy to offer the best care of the skin and the organism. The Herbal Tea Fusions collection is 100% natural organic and caffeine free. It does not have added aromas. Simply the flavor and exquisite aroma of its ingredients: Leaves, petals and roots. Share all its benefits, improve the tone, texture and hydration of your skin, relax your mind, balance your mood and cleanse your body. Beware of all the energy and health benefits that these infusions give you and feel like all their vitamins and minerals work so that you project the best image, from the inside out.

Spicy & Warm is the perfect herbal combination for those days when we feel uneasy or cold. Days of being at home, rainy, in which the weather makes us not want to leave. An extraordinary combination of fresh herbs with thermogenic qualities to add that little bit of warmth, comfort, tenderness and well-being. 



Cinnamon: One of the most medicinal spices that exist. Replete with antioxidants and polyphenols that repair tissue damage and combat inflammation. It balances blood pressure, being beneficial for the heart and all those with high cholesterol or triglycerides. It has a powerful antidiabetic effect, since it is able to lower blood sugar levels. Some studies would advise its taking to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. It can protect neurons and neurotransmitters, improving motor function. Cinnamon is a spice that detoxifies the colon, preventing the appearance of many diseases. It is antibacterial and fungicidal.

White Pepper: The piperine present in white pepper could be very effective in fighting fat, blocking the formation of new fat cells. Its minerals and trace elements such as manganese, copper and magnesium, are essential for good bone health. Piperine is also effective in equalizing skin tone and could be effective in people suffering from vitiligo (depigmented areas). It is an antioxidant and strengthens dental health, skin and our defenses. It has thermogenic capacity.

Ginger: One of the spices with more properties that we can find today. It fights all types of colds and respiratory tract infections. It is very anti-inflammatory and takes care of the digestive system. It is very suitable in case of nausea and vomiting. Its analgesic effect is very beneficial for people with problems of arthritis, osteoporosis and any inflammatory pain of tendons and joints. Gingerol is the main component that provides this great anti-inflammatory capacity. Its consumption is very appropriate in cases of diarrhea or excess of gases. It facilitates digestions and helps in the prevention of cancer. It is disinfectant, antibacterial and depurative. Detoxifies the organism It is recognized aphrodisiac properties and relieves menstrual pain.

Orange peel: It is a rich source of flavonoids such as hesperidin, which together with other phytochemicals maintains a perfect appearance of the skin. It reinforces the blood capillaries, veins and vessels, allowing a good microcirculation. Oxygenate It is ideal to keep the heart healthy, skin and keep allergies at bay. It has anti-inflammatory properties and its high content of vitamin C makes it ideal to combat the oxidative damage of free radicals. It could get to inhibit the tumor activity. It helps in diets to lose weight since it reduces the size of fat cells. It improves the health of the mouth and improves digestions besides accelerating the metabolism.

Clove: Spice that favors the good digestion of the meals. It provides comfort and reduces gases in heavy digestions. Its antibacterial properties are appropriate for all types of oral conditions. Its phenols, including eugenol, improve the immune system, is antioxidant and anti-infective. It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties thanks also to its large number of flavonoids. It is very appropriate for the cure of colds and flu or viral states.

Star Anise: Its high content of iron, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as antioxidants, promote the good health of the skin, improving its relief, reducing wrinkles and erasing imperfections. It is antibacterial and anti-infectious. It strengthens the immune system and has antibiotic properties. It is suitable for cold conditions and problems in the respiratory tract. It soothes and relaxes, so it feels great for people suffering from insomnia. Oxygenates, improves circulation and digestion. It is suitable for people with fungal problems. Maintains good hormonal functioning

It also includes marigold and hibiscus, which add anti-inflammatory benefits, improving the health status of skin and organs. 


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

Infuse 1 teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Let act between 3 and 5 minutes. Filter the water with a sieve and enjoy the moment. These infusions are also delicious cold. To do this, place them in the fridge and let them cool. Consume them within 24 hours of their preparation. Keep the infusion in a covered cup or teapot to preserve its benefits.

Approximately you have for 25 servings per 50g container. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

100% organic & caffeine free fusion of loose leaves, roots and petals

Cinnamon - warming, anti-oxidant, (rich in polyphenols), anti-bacterial

Ginger - warming, digestive, stimulant, anti-inflammatory

Hibiscus - rich in Vit C, anti-oxidant

Cloves - warming, soothing, anti-bacterial, carminative

Star anise - anti-spasmodic, improves digestion, anti-oxidant

Marigold - anti-oxidant (rich in beta-carotene), anti-inflammatory

White Pepper - warming, anti-bacterial

Orange Peel - Vit C / A / B, immune booster, rich in flavonoids (anti-oxidant).

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The good work of the firm Inlinght Beauty passes 100% natural and organic treatments and incorporates the best way to take care of yourself: The fusion of medicinal herbs with the best teas to achieve an incredible...
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