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Amazon Complex -BEAUTY-

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Amazonian plant complex that surprisingly improves the state of the skin, slows down the aging of cells and ends with hair loss.

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Brand: Serpens

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

Amazon Complex Beauty is a concentrate of beauty from an Amazonian formula that, thanks to its high level of Germanium and Phytosterols, contributes to the maintenance of skin, hair and nails, providing a healthy, beautiful, youthful and radiant appearance. 



Pfaffia Paniculata (Amazonian Ginseng): Vineyard with extensive roots that lives in the Amazon basin and is used by indigenous people to deal with infections, preserve health and enjoy longevity. The Pfaffia is a powerful adaptogen, facilitating the balance between the energy, the resistance and the power of the organism to fight against any type of stress that could cause damage or diminish its capacities. It is widely used by athletes and, above all, by all those who seek to preserve their health and become resistant to viruses and infections, as well as situations of high stress. It contains large doses of the germanium trace element, which increases the defenses and fights a multitude of diseases. The Germanium allows to facilitate the oxygen exchanges between the cells, facilitating the good functioning of all our organs. It improves circulation, is anti-inflammatory, purifies the blood and stimulates our immune system.

Urucum: Amazonian endemic plant whose seed powder is used by indigenous people to protect themselves from the sun and fight the poison of insect bites. It has a high concentration of beta carotene, 300 times greater than carrots, so it makes it the perfect ally for skin care. This, in addition to wearing a more homogeneous and beautiful color, will be more beautiful, elastic and luminous, since it will be, at all times, more hydrated and protected. Urucum has a high antioxidant value and promotes the protection of cells against oxidative damage, as well as the stimulation of melanin. In addition to wearing a skin free of imperfections, it will be easier to get a nice and natural tan. It delays skin aging, smoothes wrinkles, attenuates spots and considerably reduces redness and pimples. Among its minerals, we highlight magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, copper and iron. It has astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties.

Açai: Its berries contain one of the highest rates of natural antioxidants on the planet. The combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins (especially vitamin E), minerals and fibers, rejuvenates and delays the appearance of wrinkles, softening the soft and attenuating the deepest. Protects tissues and maintains skin hydration, improves those suffering from problems such as eczema or dermatitis and is indicated for sensitive skin.

Acerola: These fruits contain one of the highest levels of natural Vitamin C on the planet. It also contains B vitamins and antioxidants (anthocyanidins, bioflavonoids and polyphenols). Everything acts in synergy to protect the body from viruses, infections and germs. That is why it is traditionally used to fight flu and increase the body's defenses. It contributes to the formation and stimulation of the collagen of our skin, also improving the condition of the hair and the nails, like the Germanium. It is anti-inflammatory, chelating (drags toxic heavy metals out of the body) and palliates the effects of many allergies. 


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

Take 2 to 4 capsules with a large glass of water in the morning, preferably before eating or doing a physical or mental exercise.

Avoid in case of hypersensitivity to caffeine, hypertension, cardiovascular problems or severe insomnia.
• Do not exceed the recommended dose.
• Do not administer in case of pregnancy or lactation.
• If you take medication or have a health problem, check with your doctor.
• Do not use as a substitute for the diet. Keep out of the reach of children.
• Store in a cool, dry place. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

120 Capsules of 505mg, Urucum: 202mg, Acai: 151.5mg, Amazonian Ginseng (pfaffia paniculata): 101mg, Acrola: 50.5mg
• Without preservatives.
Ingredients resulting from organic farming.

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Amazon Complex -BEAUTY-

Amazonian plant complex that surprisingly improves the state of the skin, slows down the aging of cells and ends with hair loss.

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Vitaminas con Germanio

Desde que tomo estas capsulitas he notado mejoras en la textura de mi piel y mi salud en general. Se ve que además contiene muchísima vitamina C tan necesaria y que no se acumula en el organismo por lo que habria que tomar bastante diariamente y que es dificil de cubrir en el trasiego de la vida cotidiana. Muy recomendable, indispensable en mi dieta y me lo puedo permitir, ya que dura más de un mes cada bote.

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