My Dream Super Cream Antiaging Natural Face Cream

Global Antiaging face cream for day & night

The best natural wrinkle reducer!.

By using My Dream Super Cream Antigaging natural face cream, your skin will become younger, firmer and pretier. Its global anti-aging effect softens aging signs and texture of your skin, prevents the damage caused by time and environmental oxidation. It will improve the appearance of the deepest wrinkles and the skin elasticity. It is one of the best organic skincare for aging skin.

✨ A fabulous synergy of natural ingredients will make you skin achieve:

  • ✔️ An immediate anti-aging effect
  • ✔️ Sensational skin smoothness
  • ✔️ Skin texture refined
  • ✔️ Keep the skin in healthy perfect conditions
  • ✔️ A Powerful Protection against time skin effects and harmful environmental free radicals & toxins
  • ✔️ Reduce spots & Obtain a better, more uniform skin tone
  • ✔️ And improvement of the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines

Natural Origin | Cruelty Free | Vegan | Suitable for pregnant women | Dermatologically tested.

🚀 Envío Exprés Gratis a partir de 180€ en España Peninsular

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The Natural face cream for aging skin for daily use and its Effects on the skin explained quickly

It has 5 Key Skin Benefits:

💙 Deeply hydrates the skin without greasing it thanks to the combination of Meadowfoam Oil and 3 molecular weight hyaluronic acid: +200% instant hydration.

💙 Reaffirms and reverses sagging. A natural lifting effect achieved by minerals such as calcium and silicon.

💙 Reduce wrinkles by 80% their depth and 45% their amount in just 28 days.

💙 Smoothes the texture of the skin, giving it a velvety smoothness from the first day of use.

💙 Unifies skin tone and diminishes spots.

How the cream is?

☀️&🌙 This an anti-aging cream is for day and night use

☁️ Its texture is soft like a cloud, creamy but is very easily absorbed by the skin

🙋‍♀️ It is ideal for use from the age of 30 onwards

🍊 🍋 🌺 Its natural perfume of citrus and floral notes will make you enjoy a relaxing and pleasant sensory beauty experience

Product Details
Overall rating
4 Reviews
¡Mi crema hidratante favorita hasta la fecha! La utilizo en mi rutina de día, tengo la piel sensible y mixta. Deja la piel hidratada (sin sensación grasa), con una luminosidad preciosa (rostro saludable y con vida), suavidad y un tono unificado (mis rojeces disminuyen muchísimo, a veces ni aparecen durante el día). Me ha sorprendido muchísimo. ¡piel bella 100% natural y sin maquillaje! La recomiendo independientemente de tu tipología de piel.
Skin Benefits
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