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    The Organic Pharmacy

    38,00 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    Immediate, multifunctional toner with immediate effect, which refreshes, tones and calms redness. Use as many times as you want to refresh and moisturize.
  • Mel Millis England

    27,90 € In Stock
    Refreshing and nutritious floral water. The neroli mist is a pure floral water extracted during the process of distillation of its essential oils. With a splendid floral scent it can be used for all skin types, from the most sensitive to oily skin.
  • Ere Perez

    26,50 € In Stock
    Facial mists are many, and tonics, what can I say .. But this 2 in 1 will be essential from now on. Complete your toning routine after facial cleansing and you can use it as many times as you wish throughout the day to show off a hydrated, lively, luminous face and, above all, care.
  • The Organic Pharmacy

    45,00 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    The best-seller within the tonner family of The Organic Pharmacy. It awakens and revitalizes the skin allowing the natural nutrients of its rich and exquisite formula to rehydrate and prepare the skin for its subsequent hydration and nutrition. Minimizes the size of the pores and leaves your skin smooth and resplendent.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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