We could say flatly that Plume Science is the brand that has the best eyelashes and boros serum in the world. It is a precious object, a miraculous treatment, a masterly formula, and we can not say less. Unplorable full of bioactive and organic components that is emphatically effective. There's no more. The right natural ingredients and in their dosage necessary to promote the growth, length and thickness of the eyebrows and eyelashes, leaving them precious in a very little time.

Lash & Brow, which improves the serum of Plume Science, is always positioned in the most prestigious publications such as Huffingtong Post, Glamor, InStyle, New Beauty Magazine or Fashion Magazine as one of the 10 essential beauty products of the world, being a completely natural treatment.

After the birth of her first child, Lauren Bilon, her founder, suffered significant hair loss and lost her eyelashes. It started with a pharmaceutical product but that involved enduring dangerous side effects with discolored eyelids, burned skin and blurred vision. To improve your damaged eye health, treatment and shelter in false eyelashes, but to conduct a severe and painful eye infection. Disappointed by her options, Lauren took the reins.

Lauren had a clear goal: to collaborate with Mother Nature to create a safe way for women to improve, protect and look beautiful and wonderful eyelashes.

Through extensive research, he achieved dramatic improvements in eyelash quality through the testing of a wealth of natural ingredients. However, many of the ingredients were difficult to find, and the necessary cooling and maintenance of organic formulas was a complicated task. Until Lauren partnered with the natural and organic cosmetics formulation leader Irene Schnell. A certified teacher in fragrance and cosmetics science (EFCM). Irene transformed Lauren's cured ingredients into an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe, and tremendously effective formula.

Through the power of women and Mother Nature, Suero was born that enhances the forehead of the plumage lip. And we, from BIOSPLENDOR, we offer it for you, in exclusive, in Spain. Because only the best world-class products can only be in the best stores. Enjoy it, you will notice the change. It will change your life!

We did it. The best serum of eyelashes and eyebrows in the world, and no joke. Proven and guaranteed results. It could not be less. 100% natural, 100% effective, 100% BIOSPLENDOR. Exclusively for you.
The fastest, most comfortable and natural version to promote the growth of your eyebrows while adding definition and color. It is 100% natural, plant-based, vegan and cruelty free. A nourishing, double-ended eyebrow...
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