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Again, we introduce in Biosplendor, one of the most wanted & new beauty brand: Noomi. Swedish, and of course, 100% natural, with treatments made from selected plant, raw materials that will surprise you wich repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Noomi, framed within Swedish organic luxury, is dedicated to creating natural skincare solutions from organic, beneficial, fast and effective natural raw materials. Its principles are quality, honesty and purity. Based on resources from the Scandinavian countries; they respect the safety of all assets, which are clinically proven.

Noomi treatments protect, rebuild and nourish the skin. They restore hydration, renew and revitalize the complexión of the skin. They get to enliven and stimulate youthful & glow. Its continued use helps to maintain the good condition of the skin. In the best ever!.

Noomi formulas are 100% natural, based on high quality intensive assets. Each and every one of the ingredients have a purpose for the skin and they are ultra-powerful. They repair the damage caused by environmental stress and stimulates the defenses to keep the skin on guard against all the threats that promote cell aging.

Noomi Beauty Founders

Behind Noomi is Tindra, nurse and esthetician, in love with nature, who began experimenting with formulas and ingredients until she discovered true anti-aging, natural formulas, impeccable in composition. Sharing their knowledge and exposing their creations, their environment began to assimilate the greatness of nature and the unlimited possibilities of plant assets by testing them for a while. The founding principle of Noomi Stockholm was born. The first objective of Tindra, which has been in Noomi until now, is to feed the skin with natural, effective, diverse and powerful assets, which allow to show a healthy vitality and appearance, a resistant youth and an unbreakable youthful glow.

Tindra has managed to create innovative solutions for skin care. Its formulas are infused under the mantle of its roots and Nordic principles. They are fresh, direct formulas of nature. They give off quality, honesty and vanguard. From the promise of creating 100% natural treatments, based on high quality intensive assets, backed by science, all the know-how of Tindra, and its Noomi brand, give off confidence.

Noomi Organic cosmetics

The birch sap is undoubtedly the most important Nordic superstar behind Noomi's formulations. Tindra grew up among birches and lived the sustained collection that is carried out every year from the Sap in his locality. Birch sap, as an ingredient, brings greater benefits than water alone. That is why in their treatments we do not find water, and if the birch sap, loaded with benefits. The education about Scandinavian flora that Tindra possesses allowed him to incorporate plants, herbs and trees and they survive harsh winters and hot summers, while still looking beautiful, fresh, vibrant and alive.

Noomi Sustainable beauty online

Noomi is a brand committed to prioritizing organic packaging and creating 100% animal and vegan cruelty-free products. Noomi concentrated formulas offer distinction. No fillers or devices. Pure. They are intelligent formulas without water, taking care of the skin with the right thing. With less, and better, that is definitely more. It is called "Lagom", the Swedish word that comes to mean "neither more nor less". That is why in Noomi you will never find “extras” such as artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, silicones, etc. Only natural ingredients that will improve the quality of your skin.

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