Madame La Présidente

Madame La Présidente




Since we began our journey at Biosplendor, we have always maintained an exhaustive search for nutricosmetics with excellent, effective and easy-to-consume formulations. 3 years ago, within our investigations, we discovered Madame La Présidente, a French brand that is an expert in hair care.
Today, finally, we are happy to tell you that we have managed to bring it to our online store. Because we love to discover beautiful, natural and effective brands and share this wonderful way of self care.


Madame La Présidente makes up a set of super effective hair care treatments for both: women and men. Tablets and gummies, easy to take, full of active ingredients that are beneficial for our health and, above all, for our hair, skin and nails. A single dose a day is enough to stop hair loss, improve its resistance and appearance, body, density and, ultimately, all its natural beauty. Day after day, the nutricosmetics from Madame La Présidente make your hair and scalp look healthier and more resplendent, with more quantity and, above all, quality.

Your skin and nails will reveal a new youth. Madame La Présidente has arrived to become your new cosmetic solution, from the inside out. It is here to stay longer with us.


Empower the nature of your hair, just through a tablet that. The change is huge...

Madame La Présidente's food supplements, focused on healthy hair, as well as skin and nails, are aimed at all exceptional women who deserve to feel beautiful, despite their busy schedule. An exhaustive list of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help, from the inside out, to show off radiant hair, nails and skin, in the best conditions that you have not seen in a long time.

Committed to women for natural beauty, Madame La Présidente's nutricosmetics are sublime. Simply and quickly, hair feels more nourished from the inside. Smoother, silkier and thicker. The hair you've always dreamed of.


“Madame La Présidente is a declaration of love to all women. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, even if she doesn't always have time to take care of herself ".

Madame La Présidente's wife is contemporary. She likes to take care of herself, but many times she does not have enough time due to our current social life. Either with heels, or with sports shoes, depending on the mood, she is a woman passionate about her work, and likes to shop and discover new beauty products since she never has time to try.

Its creator, Meriem Malone, is like you. A busy person, whose stress and pollution caused a real deterioration in her hair: Fall, lack of shine and lack of vitality. To combat these problems, she did create Madame La Présidente, easy-to-consume products, ideal for taking care of ourselves. Products that you will love to live with, and that will amazingly simplify our daily hair, skin and nail care routine.

Because for Meriem Malone:

“You have to be president to manage a minister's schedule”.

Madame La Présidente
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Madame La Présidente
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Madame La Présidente
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