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The Splendor by La Espiral verde

Rosaur Valverde and Ana Bordallo are the founders of this young company, created in 2014. Through natural processes, La Espiral Verde obtains and separates the essential active principles of algae and plants for the production of authentic luxury products in terms of results. Do not skimp on quality and quantity so that your skin absorbs the best of nature, concentrated and effective.

Algae, as possessing so many trace elements, macro and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, are its main ingredient. The Green Spiral has its own advanced study that carries out research on them. And the R & D department develops new and masterful formulas.

The ingredients they use are always natural, organic and certified organic.

Few brands are able to combine in a single product so many and many natural ingredients, quality and with visible results in the short term. We have the pleasure of having tried them, and for everything they give, they are in BIOSPLENDOR.

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    La Espiral verde

    22,50 € In Stock
    According to its creators we are before "a big bottle facial cream to mimes your whole body", and we could not agree more. It uses a spectacular raw materials, excelling the algae and apricot rose. A real treat. It is a cream, in principle corporal, but that you can use in your face. It is anti-aging. Hydrates, repairs, regenerates and reaffirms your skin!
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