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La Belle Lune

La Belle Lune

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The magic of the moon reaches Biosplendor. We can not be happier to be flooded with all its mystery and energy. La Belle Lune comes to the rescue of all those skins that need a powerful treatment that solves many worries, effective, fast, natural and organic. Organic Skin of La Belle Lune lands in Spain at the hands of Biosplendor to prevent and restore youth and vitality, rekindle precious sensations, discover a new magic in treatments. A powerful elixir for exclusive use at night, that special moment in which you can dedicate your special moment. Its organic oils deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin of your face, neck and décolleté. We are tremendously proud to bring a new brand that makes beautiful things, well done, respecting the environment, people, ancestral processing techniques .. Cruelty Free, vegan, friendly, seductive .. If you are enjoying all the brands that Biosplendor bring exclusively, this you can not miss it. If yours are the oils, elixirs, serums, nectar ... You're in luck. You do not need more before going to bed. A few drops of this fabulous treatment and rest. Let yourself be enveloped by the caress of the moon. Your skin in the morning will be different. The magic will have taken effect ...

Green beauty La Belle Lune

The journey of La Belle Lune began many moons ago. Its founder, Anabelle, manages to create a sublime product based on passion, perseverance and elements of Mother Nature. An exciting experimentation through the world of oils. Under the conviction that essential oils and cold pressed seeds are a form of magic, Anabelle condenses that same magic to transform it into a small jewel of treatment. Get in this way a natural, healthy and nutritious skin care that sums up your passion. It brings us the best possible ingredients because, according to her, the skin does not need anything more than the best. Totally in accordance with our philosophy. The skin, like the planet, needs the best care, and do not skimp on it.

The philosophy of its creator lies in the importance of skin care, the largest organ of the body, which absorbs everything that is applied to it. That is why using the natural and organic is the best that can be given. The use of plants fed by mother nature itself, cultivated under the respect and protection of the environment and natural ecosystem, using farming methods that respect the environment.

In La Belle Lune, no chemical or synthetic product is used. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The containers used are recyclable. In a fantastic container of violet glass that is the best way to preserve the intact properties of the treatment, protecting it in turn from the light. Avoiding its degradation. Keeping its freshness intact, without risks of contamination.

Organic Skin arrives at Biosplendor. Your skin is in luck!

La Belle Lune Organic Skin - 20ml La Belle Lune Organic Skin - 20ml
La Belle Lune
Let the magic of the moon embellish your face. Timeless formulas permeate an exquisite organic formulation, where ancestral wisdom and alchemy result in a sublime elixir indicated for the night. Its organic oils...
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