At Biosplendor, we are proud to reintroduce a new brand of natural cosmetics in Spain. And what better way to share it with all of you! We present Inari Artic Beauty, a brand of high cosmetic 100% natural, luxurious in its formulations, where the Arctic circle ecosystem is the protagonist!

Inari is a new brand of organic beauty inspired by the purity and strength of the Arctic landscape. Inari is totally clean and natural. In all its products we can find a unique mixture of 6 native plants (from the Lepland region, in Finland, close to the Arctic Circle). Native berries and plants grow under extreme weather, with harsh conditions typical of the area, allowing them to store a highly concentrated amount of nutrients and vitamins. The products of the Inari Artic Beauty line for the care and beauty of the face combine the essence of these arctic plants with luxurious textures that moisturize and nourish the skin, protecting it from pollution and harmful environmental damage. The botanical universe of the Polar Circle is unique, and it's its antioxidant-rich super ingredients that make up the heart of Inari's beauty and care line. Combine the power of Arctic nature with luxurious textures and the latest research, always at the forefront of advances in anti-aging and always taking care of your proximity environment

Inari Cosmetics : Authentic natural power based on Arctic plants.

The best skin care, organic. In Inari Artic Cosmetics believe in the power of natural ingredients and the wonderful benefits they have on the skin, together with the nutritional effects of herbs and plants. All Inari products are vegan, organic, free from animal cruelty, and contain no synthetic, mineral oils, toxic chemicals, parabens or any other harmful ingredients.

The exclusive Arctic mixture of Inari potions-treatment are rich in vitamins. Its 6 plant extracts stimulate a powerful regenerative capacity of the skin. The Inari Artic Beauty care range is a totally effective organic line, helping you, day after day, see your most beautiful, naturally beautiful skin.


Inari: Getting the luminosity and brightness of healthy skin.

Environmental damage such as air pollution, sun, and other radiation can wreak havoc on our skin, becoming a real burden. Stress and is an urban lifestyle of the big cities, the work of each one or not sleeping enough hours, are additional elements that can significantly influence so that the skin looks tired, more deteriorated and dull.

With some guidelines of moderate exercise, good nutrition, and natural products and cosmetics of good quality for skin care, a significant improvement can be achieved, both inside and outside. In Inari Artic Beauty they draw all the strength and inspiration from the cleanest and most polluted natural environments on the planet, The Arctic Circle, in Northern Europe. A region of extreme climatic conditions that make up the resistance and biodiversity of the native plants of the area. In Inari they use the Arctic ingredients in very high concentrations, obtaining in each and every one of their products the hydration and protection that all skins need. The skin is revealed calmer, free of imperfections, stronger, younger.

Inari: When the sun goes down...

Did you know that in the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets in the middle of summer? It is in this period of the year when the shining Arctic nature unfolds its brightness under soft light. The water is fresh, the air is clean. Everything is calm, serene nature. Plants grow fast and hard. They take advantage of the intense sun and accumulate energy to survive the glacial cold of winter. A unique type of experience, a phenomenon that inspires its creators. The previous step to the development of skin care products under the motto "Middsummer Magic" (what would be, "magic in the middle of summer"). Just as in Inari they love that special moment, so they want you to feel it every time you apply one of their exquisite products.

Under severe weather conditions, plants, berries and roots survive and can offer highly concentrated active ingredients with wonderful benefits. These super plants are full of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, a unique nutrient profile, demonstrating its beneficial effect on skin health.

A totally unique plant universe in the Polar Circle, which forms the core of Inari's beauty products. A perfect balance between hydration and powerful anti-aging systems. Inari's goal is to enhance the beauty of people through the power of natural and clean ingredients. Organic origin and provenance are the best option for the care of the skin, people and the environment.

Sirkku Hahn & Nina Stenberg

Inari Cosmetics Founders

Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg: Two enthusiasts from the Wild North, in which their love for nature led them to create their own beauty brand.

Its founders were based on the inspiration of a wild, natural, ecological, clean and unique environment to create Inari Artic Beauty, a skincare brand “eco-luxe”. And they have managed to find a space in which to elaborate treatments with specifically Arctic ingredients of superior quality.

Sirkku and Nina met in a network of women founders. Both owned natural design and cosmetic businesses. But they saw that they had a special connection, their origins, Finland, and the wonders of their ecosystem, so special. Both, due to their careers and responsibilities in important international companies, managed to complement each other perfectly once they decided to become a team. The knowledge that each could provide was the basis in the creation of this wonderful brand.

For its founders, it is essential to know how to take advantage of the high quality of the super plants that emerge in the far north to achieve the most effective skin care. Your assets exercise anti-aging benefits. In such a unique environment, "we want to take advantage of everything it can offer us," according to Nina. They are clear: "Finland has the cleanest air and water in the world, the largest biocertified forests in the world, and houses some of the most powerful plants on the planet due to its extreme weather." Using all these ingredients in your skin care products was key to creating a luxurious and effective experience among customers.

For Sirkku, her strong roots linked to her home, Finland, what they have lived, where they have grown and experienced through the beauty of the landscape and native plants .. Everything has wanted to permeate it in their creations and share it with others. Its creator advocates teaching the benefits and wonders of the Arctic Circle, us berries, roots, lichens and plants with powerful benefits. Something different for unique treatments.

Its founders intend to offer us a product that is luxurious, with highly effective formulations, of course, totally natural and 100% Arctic. Their mix of Arctic ingredients are of superior quality. They do not resort to usual basic formulations. Your skin care is unique and exclusive. Perfect products in which they have dedicated the time and effort necessary to elaborate it.

Nina and Sirkku have it clear: Their treatments must be organic and sustainable. The area where they get their ingredients is their home, a part of the planet "which is everyone's home". They want to protect it, without damaging nature, taking advantage of what it gives us through miraculous plants. They seek purity, far from synthetic chemicals and their harmful effects on the skin. Maximum tolerability, where "organic is the best for our skin and the environment."

Exquisite High Performing Product Line, 6 magic ingredients

Clean landscape, pure air and crystal clear waters. A careful line of treatments, consisting of cleanser, serum and creams, which are based on 6 plants in a unique environment with wonderful benefits for the skin, its protection, prevention, health and care. 6 resistant plants that store nutrients to survive the harsh Arctic winter. A result of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of powerful anti-aging capabilities. Remember these ingredients, all unique, organic, totally safe on all skin types, even the most sensitive and problematic: Rhodiola Rosea Root, Chaga Fungus, Arctic Pine, cloudberry, Red Cranberry, Arctic Blueberry. Remember these treatments that we are going to present to you, first for Spain, in Biosplendor. We want to visit the Arctic Circle and its wonderful Northern Lights. Meanwhile, we will enjoy these sublime treatments, which have stolen our hearts. We hope you like them!:

A cleanser can also be a delight for your skin. And it can be smooth while powerful. It can be from Inari and must be in Biosplendor. Luxury cleaning for a more revitalized and conditioned skin. Nordic spring water...
Lifting serum that reaffirms, providing, thanks to its exclusive cocktail of arctic natural ingredients, the rejuvenating thrust that your face needs, softening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and...
Inari's anti-aging day cream. Immediately, it provides hydration throughout the day. It manages to reaffirm the skin and rejuvenate it with a enveloping texture, very soft and light. Delicate, but very effective, very...
One of the best eye contour treatments, with Arctic ingredients, which immediately manages to tighten and elevate the droopy eyelid, creating a lifting effect. Its high antioxidant content rejuvenates. It keeps the...
Anti-aging moisturizing and nourishing treatment for night that provides the perfect balance of moisture with outstanding rejuvenating benefits. Absolute repair for an awakening of young and smooth skin.
The anti-aging for combination / oily skin, and normal and sensitive skin looking for a halo of light and comfortable hydration. Full, like the entire Inari line, of anti-aging Arctic ingredients, so you can show a...
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