A'kin is born from the hand of The Purist Company, an Australian company dedicated 15 years in the investigation of the most effective natural products for the skin care of men and women. The safety, results and customer satisfaction were sought above all, highlighting their beauty in the most natural way possible.


Based on its principles, A'kin seeks perfection in the treatment of the face and, above all, the hair, where they are pioneers in the creation of hair products of excellent quality and natural origin. Its founding principles are the obtaining of pure, ecological and effective ingredients and above all that these are safe based on their personal use. Its main philosophy is "The power of purity", obtaining the best products through the mixture of pure ingredients extracted directly from nature.


Among its exquisite ingredients, sulfates, parabens, toxins and chemicals are not allowed. Their elaborations are certified vegans, free of ingredients of animal origin and of any test carried out on them. So when you think of A'kin, and the power of its purity, think of the magnificent results that you will get in your skin from the combination of the purest and biological elements that nature can provide.


Delicious Mousse that immediately removes any type of bacteria that causes pimples, and skin breakouts. Soft and flux, but effective. Balances the skin and removes all excess oil and bacteria. Deep cleanses, purifies,...
Intensive treatment that effectively controls the production of sebum and shine in oily skin. Absorbent, antibacterial and perfector. Also, it's anti-aging! Because oily skin is also entitled to receive the best care....
If you prefer Micellar Water than soap, this is yours one, no doubt. Gently and effectively removes make-up and dirt while respecting the pH of the skin. Its natural and organic ingredients will make you fall in love....
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