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Biosplendor introduces another brand exclusively in Spain that will not leave anyone indifferent. AER makes unique, different fragrances for you, for the home, even a wonderful natural hand sanitizer that they have made for Biosplendor.
AER SCENTS produces perfumes that are not for everyone. They are special, they have their point. They do not go unnoticed. Of course, always natural, modern, with 100% botanical ingredients.
AER is an independent perfume house, based in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Its authors handcrafted and hand mix exclusive 100% botanical perfumes with the best natural ingredients from around the world.



Its creators combine their lifelong obsessions with aroma and concepts such as luxury, beauty, craftsmanship, not forgetting sustainability, in an exceptionally special perfume brand.

Its perfumes are very daring, beautiful, highly concentrated and, importantly, 100% botanical. They manage to create unique, very special scents designed for a modern lifestyle.

At AER they formulate their own recipes, obtained from ingredients from all over the world, mixing the formulas in their Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte.

Proudly 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free aromas. The ingredients that make up their masterpieces are extracted directly from the plants. They are perfumes that do not contain synthetic products or toxic chemicals. At AER they source from small producers who carry out the most traditional techniques, sustainable harvesting and fair trade methods.

All AER fragrances are modern, complex and unique. Like you!



Ted Young-Ing (creative director) and Stefan Kehl (head of perfumes) start the AER project because they love perfume. “We have always loved perfume, but in a world full of commercial synthetics, we simply couldn't find The Perfect Scent (the perfect fragrance). We wanted a fragrance that was bold and unique, that could be marketed, and that was made entirely with natural ingredients. We couldn't find it. So we made our own perfume… ”.

This is how it all started, and today AER has unique perfumes, for you, for the home, candles, even a fabulous natural hand sanitizer.


Ted Young-Ing, Creative Director

Ted is an internationally respected designer and creative director. Designed the AER brand.

“Perfume has always been one of my passions; I remember my father's Aramis bottle by the bathroom sink, and I remember the smell of my mother spraying Patou before leaving home, I remember my first bottle of perfume: “Geoffrey Beane’s Grey Flannel”.

Ted worked as a designer at London's famous brand agency The Partners, before becoming Art Director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and helping launch various iconic Gucci and YSL scents.

Ted is the former Director of Creativity at furniture retailer Habitat and former Art Director of the Brooks England cycling brand. He is also the founder of Tweed Run, an international vintage cycling event.

Ted lost his youth in nightclubs and music venues where he developed a healthy appreciation for underground culture. Its aesthetic is a marriage of ups and downs, of glamor of the unexpected, of contrasts, always on the verge of beauty.

Stefan Kehl, Head of Perfumes

Stefan is the Head of AER Perfumes and the nose behind AER perfumes.

Ever since he was a little boy, Stefan dreamed of being a perfume, but his early career took him on a different path. He fostered his love of lifelong beauty first as a hairdresser, and later became one of Germany's best-known makeup artists in fashion, television and advertising. He was an educator at Germany's largest and most famous makeup academies, then moved to New York City to become a hair and beauty consultant, and associated with brands like Shu Uemura and Chanel. He has 20 years of product experience in the cosmetic industry.

Throughout his life, Stefan maintained his obsession with aromas and perfumes, and took refuge in the world of perfumery in his spare time. He spent years developing his nose and aromatic aesthetic, and when he returned to Berlin, it was finally the right time to explore perfumes professionally. He studied natural perfumes in London, then attended the prestigious ISIPCA perfume program in Paris. He likes to challenge perfume traditions and combine the richness of botanicals with radical new simplicity.

Stefan grew up in the Black Forest and feels a strong bond with nature and a fascination for what Earth has to offer. To him, natural perfume seems like an extension of this path.

Aer Scents
AER has developed for Biosplendor a natural hand sanitiser, based on alcohol ethanol (from vegetable sources), whose recipe follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization, managing to kill all kinds of...
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