8 Faces

8 Faces

We love brands that perform jewel treatments. Efficient little treasures, with multifunctional qualities, that can be used for various needs. 8 Faces is a brand that has an extraordinary product, a cream with a solid, sensory oil texture, which melts with the skin and causes well-being and comfort. 8 Faces is anti-aging. 8 Faces is an unlimited cosmetic, with infinite possibilities. We invite you to discover it at Biosplendor.

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil

100% Natural, 100% Organic

18 ingredients, all natural, nutritious, certified and organic. No more no less. Awarded the "Best Balm" (Best balm) by the beauty magazine Glamour.

Beauty begins with the decision to be extraordinary with yourself.

8 Faces creates natural, exquisite, easy-to-use, multifunctional products that predispose everyone to the practice of personal care, to get the best of oneself, providing unique and sublime experiences for the mind, body and soul.


Beth Shuman. The Founder

Inspired by sensory and holistic care practices around the world, 8 Faces contains a host of healing ingredients that fit perfectly into our fast-paced, modern lifestyle. Her knowledge of care and beauty led Beth Shuman to create effective, elegant and easily adaptable products to beauty and skin treatment routines.

After a busy lifestyle as a television director and producer, constantly traveling, Beth Shuman began to experience and undergo stress-related changes to her skin. There came a time when she decided to create a single product, all in one, that would alleviate many problems of our skin with a single gesture of beauty.

"Living on the go for many years makes it very difficult to become truly aware of what care for skin, hair, and mind is" says Beth: "So I decided to take charge of my own life, control , and start with my own treatment, preparing to create a product that not only transformed my skin, but also calmed my mind, knowing that every time I applied it, I was doing something truly good for myself. "

With patience, and combining many natural ingredients discovered in her travels, Beth spent 2 years perfecting a blend of active botanicals that we now present to you under the name of 8 Faces, a wonderful beauty treatment that, in addition to nourishing your skin, will provide results. instantly visible.

8 Faces Beauty. The influence of the moon...

Throughout history, people have honored the moon as a symbol of femininity, as the representation of the rhythm of time and transformation.

There is a belief that the 8 phases of the lunar cycle symbolize the 8 faces of a goddess, and each of them represents a different aspect of woman.

8 Faces is inspired by the mythology of the moon, which encourages us to embrace our own changing states, letting life flow naturally but taking care of ourselves day after day.


8 Faces
Anti-aging beauty concentrate of infinite possibilities. Solid balm, based on 100% natural and 100% organic butters and oils, that melts to the touch revealing a luxurious and rich oil that is absorbed instantly. Rich...
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