Hand cream, foot cream, tonics, soaps ... common and very routine products for the extremities of your body ... This routine makes the application of products more assiduous and hence, the importance of caring for Absorption of toxins in your body. In Biosplendor we are located in the health offering only the most exclusive and pure natural products for a safe and sustainable beauty

Inlight Beauty
Exquisite multifunctional aromatic balm that gives life to your tired and sore feet and legs. Treats dryness, roughness and improves circulation. Besides its gentle fragrance of lavender calm and comforting.
Aer Scents
AER has developed for Biosplendor a natural hand sanitiser, based on alcohol ethanol (from vegetable sources), whose recipe follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization, managing to kill all kinds of...
Ere Perez
Jelly, marmalade, balm... We like all the options, tell us what you think... Meanwhile, what you will like of this marmalade is how well your skin will feel. Its ingredients are a guarantee. Repairs, nourishes in...
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