Rose and chamomile Cleansing Milk - 100ml

Rich cleansing milk cream ideal for removing excess dirt or makeup and directed to all sensitive, dry, problematic and delicate skins. Its botanical principles are anti-aging.

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

Delicate gentle cleansing milk with the ideal skin to remove the excess of makeup and the dirt, directed to all sensitive skins with tendency to redness. It is very soothing and soothes the most reactive skins, leaving them soft, fresh and nourished. 



Rosa Damascena: Astringent, healing and authentic beauty cure. Ideal for mature skin. It is anti-wrinkle and treats skin problems like cuperosis. It has reaffirming effects of the face.

Chamomile: Relax and soothing. It is very decongestant and soothing the skin. It promotes a restful and soft features. It is depurative and anti-inflammatory. Detoxifies the skin from impurities and dirt. Suitable for sensitive skin. Hydrates and purifies.

Shea Butter: Authentic anti-aging ingredient in your daily cleanser. It is deeply moisturizing and regenerates your skin. It prevents and treats the lines of expression and wrinkles of your face. It has a very high penetration power so it is superhydrating and keeps the water in your cells longer. It restores elasticity, especially to dry skin, and has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Its multiple fatty acids and vitamins repair the skin with problems of scars and cracks and conditions such as dermatitis and blemishes. Skins subjected to laser treatments will notice their recovery and relief faster with this natural ingredient. 


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

Massage the product on the dry face with the fingertips touching the areas where most excess dirt or makeup is. Using a cotton wool or muslin wipe impregnated with hot water remove the cleaner. Continue with the tonic or hydrolate that best suits your needs. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis), Rose (Rose Damascena), Aqua (Water), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) *, Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum Indicum), Glycerin (vegetable) *, Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) *, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Ceteryl Alcohol, Sodium Lactate, Behenyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annus), Benzyl Alcohol, Phospholipids, Xanthan Gum, Soybean Sterols, Chamomile, Essential Oils, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sorbic Acid, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

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