Far estern ritual body oil 200ml

If you enjoy applying natural oils in your body, Christopher Courtney oils will be your favorite from now on, without a doubt. They smell so so good ... And leave your skin cared for, young, smooth and beautiful, very beautiful and soft!

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

Start enjoying all the good that nature offers us! Starting from the Far East. We present a warm, sensual, yet stimulating and refreshing oil thanks to its citrus assets. It is ideal to enjoy it at all times. You will feel your skin softer, hydrated and taken care of since all its active botanical principles nourish and nourish it to leave it resplendent. Sensation of velvet guaranteed!. 



Watermelon Seed Oil: Rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. It nourishes a lot but is easily absorbed, leaving skin hydrated without residue. Thanks to its vitamins and minerals as well as "citrulina", substance with high antioxidant power, they prevent premature aging, strengthening the skin and promoting a healthier appearance, as well as protecting and resisting the capillaries. It eliminates the itch, repairs and increases the skin defenses. Its continuous application promotes softer, more supple and hydrated skin, relieving problems like acne or imperfections.

Grape Seed Oil: Contains linoleic acid and antioxidants with antioxidant and nutritional properties. It regenerates and strengthens the skin, hardening it and making it more resistant to external aggressions. It tones and is very moisturizing, retaining moisture for longer. Prevents and attenuates wrinkles.

Lotus Extract: Its antioxidant effects flavonoids and polyphenols soften and rejuvenate. Its enzymes present in the seed have the ability to repair the proteins helping to effectively synthesize the collagen and accelerating the renewal of the skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory and toning properties.

Kukui Nut Oil: Very rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, they keep skin moisture longer and prevent loss of water. More elastic and younger, the skin regains vitality thanks also to the high content of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E with protective properties. It is an oil of easy absorption and with an effective capacity of penetration giving a face more calm, rejuvenated and suitable for the most damaged and sensitive, dry or mature skins.

Avocado Oil: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D vital and essential for your skin. Its content in Potassium and Lecithin favor its rapid penetration in the deeper layers, protecting the face of the external harmful environmental factors like solar rays. Prevents staining and is ideal for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin. It improves elasticity and rejuvenates the skin.

Vitamin E: The antioxidant par excellence that protects against the destruction of connective tissue caused by free radicals. Promotes younger and more beautiful skin. It stimulates the proliferation of cells penetrating in the interior. Protects against sun damage, moisturizes and nourishes in depth and accelerates the healing of small wounds.

Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Loaded with vitamins and minerals with antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It repairs and relieves irritations. Refreshes and treats skins attacked by the sun. It is very regenerating and accelerates the healing of ulcers or wounds. Like vitamin C, it stimulates the production and synthesis of collagen.

Essential Oil of Lima: Restores, stimulates and refreshes body and mind. It is very light and helps to relieve irritations. It comforts and encourages in times of stress and worry. It relieves tiredness of the body, especially after hard days of work or exercise and has antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal qualities.

Coriander Essential Oil: Relieve fatigue and stimulate the mind! It comforts, revitalizes and purifies. Fresh, sweet, spicy, lightly musky, warm and comforting.

Essential Oil of Ginger: Spicy and exotic. The spark needed! It has many therapeutic properties. It is analgesic, antiseptic, stimulating, bactericidal, comforting, toning, warm and aphrodisiac. It also promotes blood circulation.

Essential Oil of Lemongrass: Clean, green, very citric. It has always been used by traditional Chinese medicine. Among its innumerable properties, highlight its antioxidant capacity, antiseptic, bactericidal, antidepressant, stimulating, purifying, refreshing and soothing.

Christopher Courtney uses genuine organic and natural exotic butters, vitamins, omega-rich oils 3,6,7 & 9, potent botanical extracts, restorative aromatherapy, clinically proven marine extracts and antioxidants that come ethically from around the world certified by Soil Association, Ecocert and equivalents to guarantee the quality of all natural products.

What you'll never find in a product by Christopher Courtney:

Without petrochemical derivatives

No synthetic colors or fragrances

No harmful detergents

No mineral oils

Without parabens

And products are never tested on animals


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

Apply it on the skin after bath or shower or, if desired, can be used to massage and enjoy a totally sensory and satisfying experience. For best results, apply it while the skin is still damp. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

Cocos nucifera, Citrullus Vulgaris, Persea gratissima, Prunusarmeniaca, Macadamia integrifolia, Calendula officinalis, Aloe Barbadensis, Aleurites moluccana, Vitis vinifera, Nelumbo nucifera, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus officinalis, Camellia sinensis, Citrus aurantifolia, Coriandrum sativum, Zingiber cassumunar, Cymbopogon citratus. Benzyl Benzoate, d-Limonene, Citral, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalool.

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