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With the arrival of spring and the good weather, all of become desespered people to enjoy the outdoors, either in the mountains or on the beach, we look for the sun as posesess; Why? Because it´s simply nice.

That the sun comforts us isa fact, also that the sun has healthy properties: it helps us to synthesize vitamin D, improves the state of our bones and teeth, gives us a better appearance, helps the immune system improvement, and a big etc. But in addition to all its benefits, our skin also requires certain preparations so we can enjoy sun with the best health and without skin damaged.

In Biosplendor we chose to follow a 3-phase routine to have a beautiful skin before, during and after the sun.

• Before the sun, inside & out preparation:

Every change of season our skin undergoes a metamorphosis to adapt to the new climatic conditions. Pores, sebaceous secretion...

We put remedy to it, and we choose to clean it, remove impurities and put an end to those small imperfections that bother us:

- For face:

Plankton Facial Cleanser by Mel Millis England

Mixing it with a very small amount of water to obtain a thick paste with which to exfoliate the skin. We remove impurities and provides our skin with phytonutrients and bio-active ingredients.


Purifying Mask by Ami Iyök

We detoxify the skin, improve the skin circulation and regulate the pH to keep it healthy.


- For body:

Body scrub for vanilla and sugar from Lulu & Boo

We remove the impureties of our skin cells, and improve their tone and luminosity.


Anti-cellulite Celucombat of Ami Iyök

Orange skin ... goodbye with the best anti-cellulite of natural cosmetics. Wonderful!. Super top!.


Strech marks oil oil from The Organic Pharmacy

In summer we eat lighter, we lose a bit of weight, and we keep the stretch marks away with this fantastic anti-stretch mark oil. So powerful that it is conceived for pregnant women; We, despite not being, we use it because of its effects.


Bust and buttock firming cream

Age does not forgive and the lack of frequent exercise either. If you are one of those who can not devote much time to toning, this firming cream will place on its place you important body parts. Warning: does not admit to being used as an excuse to avoid physical activity .


Self-Tanning by The Organic Pharmacy

We like to show tone since the first minute we expose ourselves. With this 100% natural self-tanner we can.


Tablets Dieu de soleil from Serpens

Diet is very important for the skin, the recommendation of foods rich in beta-carotene that stimulate melanin is basic. With this supplement we are covered. Protected we enjoy the sun.


• During the sun, protection, protection, more protection and hydration:

- For face and body:

Sunscreens from The Organic Pharmacy

It protects us from UVA damage, prevents photo-aging. It is the best natural sunscreen that we have tried. In addition to being outstanding as sun protection, it is as a face cream. It firms, tonnify, improves tone and appearance. So good that we use it as a day cream on top of the facial serum. 100% recommendable.


Photoshop oil by ami Iyök

Wen we tan we like to show it off, the best body oil we have found for it (and that also protects us) is this one. We love how our legs get that golden satin shine.


Roses mist from The Organic Pharmacy

Refresh and hydration during sun exposure is for us essential. The mists are ideal for it. This one of roses is also soothing and invigorating.


- For hair:

Conditioner of lavender and anthyllis by A'kin

It is a leave in, that is, a conditioner that does not need to be rinsed, making it perfect for our summer purpose. We go to the beach with it so we avoid the damage caused by the sun and sea.


• After the sun, calm and regenerate the skin:

- For face and lips:

Collagen Boost Mask from The Organic Pharmacy

A glow moment, after having tanned we love juicy skin. We get this glowing skin with this mask that reaffirms, fills and brightens.


Ami Iyök Slow liquid facial oil

We want a beautiful tan but without adding years to our skin. Slow Liquid acts at cellular level delaying the premature aging of the skin, and what is more important, the photo-aging by the solar exhibition. We adore it!


Papaya marmalade multi-purpose balm by Ere Perez

For excesses, an SOS. In those days of small sunburn, this hyper repair balm is our choice.


Lip Balm from The Organic Pharmacy

We choose the maximum regeneration for our lips, which also suffer.


- For body:

After Sun by The Organic Pharmacy

Soothing as the most, just after sun exposure we apply this shock treatment to provide an extra healing principles to our skin.


Restorative body butter by Inlight Beauty

It is ideal for day to day in times when we expose ourselves to the sun frequently. It maintains the hydration of our skin, firmness and prevents aging.


Feet balm of Inlight Beauty

We do not forget to take care of our feet. This balm prevents the dryness caused by the sea and the sun and repairs our skin avoiding and improving the cracked heels.


- For hair:

Omega 9 hairmask by Rahua

We like it as a shock treatment. Ideal to let it act during the night and rinse it in the morning. The most suffered hair thanks the smoothness and brightness that it provides.


Hair Serum from The Organic Pharmacy

Ideal to apply on routine days when we do not stop, but when our hair screams for an extra hydration and care. Hydrates in depth without greasing.


And you, do you follow a routine to face the pleasant sun ?. Leave us a comment below that we will love to know it and to give you advice if you need it.

Now, starts enjoy the welcome heat!

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