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-Why take organic infusions?.

27 reasons you could ever imagine -

Many of us love to take them. To other people nothing. Some do not even know it .. They only drink water .. But if they decide for an infusion, besides there are for all tastes and they are delicious, they are one of the best ways to preserve the health and increase the longevity of the organism. They are full of herbs, flowers and plants with innumerable therapeutic properties.
In addition to hydrating our cells, being a perfect complement to the intake of water, in winter, hot, they serve to regulate the homeostatic functions of the body and find the perfect temperature balance, in addition to strengthen the system and treat any type of disease respiratory In summer, very cool, we provide all the minerals and electrolytes lost by sweat, also balance body temperature and are perfect to maintain the proper levels of Sodium-Potassium in our body. But this has just begun. We list the 27 reasons why taking infusions regularly prolong your life. Take note. Of course, we always talk about 100% natural, organic and caffeine-free infusions!.

1) They reinforce our immune system

They promote the formation of "good" cells by increasing the body's defenses.

2) They are anti-inflammatory

Preventing and treating all types of inflammations in our body. Also rheumatism and arthritis, ear infections, inflammation of the gums.

3) Totally digestive

They support the stomach function and the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system, thus repelling infinity of diseases. They also take care of the pancreas.

4) Improve the good mood

Decreasing all kinds of anxiety or stress.

5) Indicated for catarrhal conditions, colds or problems in the respiratory system

They are also bronchodilators and able to reduce fever in these states.

6) They are fat burning

The perfect complement to weight loss diets or to maintain a good shape.

7) Reinforce the circulatory system and balance blood pressure

They protect blood vessels, veins and capillaries and prevent heart disease.

8) They are depurative

They detoxify, cleanse the body, fight bacteria and easily eliminate toxins.

9) Control and prevent Diabetes

10) Maintain a perfect condition of the skin

Ideal for people suffering from skin disorders, blemishes, acne, uneven tone, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema... They have anti-aging effects and reveal a smoother, smoother and younger appearance.

11) Balance our Hormonal system

12) They are antioxidants and protect our cells

13) Relieve menstrual problems and pains in women and treat impotence in men

14) Protect the Urinary system, especially our kidneys

15) They are energizing and adequate in case of convalescence

They reinforce the organism, encourage and provide vitality. Remineralize and accelerate healing processes.

16) Prevent and decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels

17) In addition to antibacterial, they are antiviral, fungicidal, analgesic and antiseptic

18) They are anticancer

They have the ability to prevent different types of cancer and improve their treatment. They destroy cancer cells (apoptosis).

19) Keep bones and teeth in perfect condition

20) Take care of the hair

They promote their growth and protect the hair fibers. They brake the fall and keep their brighter appearance.

21) Fight against bad breath

22) They are carminatives

Relieve all people tending to accumulate gas or suffer from swollen belly and discomfort.

23) Relieve nausea and prevent vomiting

24) Improve memory

25) Restore the appetite

26) Prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's

27) Keep allergies away

Sure you did not know that behind a simple infusion hides so many benefits for your health...

We encourage you to include them in your daily routines & diet. You will notice its great effects.

And if you do not know what type of infusion to choose, we propose some lovely & caring options of Inlight Beauty brand:

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- Infusion of spicy & warm herbal tea

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