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The best active ingredients for a perfect skin :

-BIRCH SAV, The best ingredient in substitution of water, in natural cosmetic formulations-

It is increasingly common to find brands on the market that, in addition to being committed to the environment, eliminate water from their formulations, replacing it with natural ingredients that give the product real added value.

As you know, almost always when you look at the INCI of the product (list of ingredients in order of quantity it occupies in the formulation), it is not surprising that the first ingredient on the list is water, right?.

There are also many formulas that substantially improve the quality of the product, using water "with more cache" so to speak, even with important benefits, be it thermal water, spring water, purified water ... They contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements beneficial to our skin.

However, if we really want to enjoy the benefits of a really good natural cosmetic product, we recommend that you try treatments that eliminate water from their formulations as the main ingredient, and replace it with botanical extracts and ingredients that come directly from plants.

In this case we are going to talk about the benefits of using Birch Sap as a substitute for water in certain natural cosmetic formulations.

First of all, it is good to always check, before using a cosmetic, that the use of certain ingredients used in its formulation come from a responsible and sustained extraction, committed to the environment. Take advantage of what nature provides us without harming or exploiting the resources that provide so many benefits in our lives.

Birch sap is the perfect natural ingredient for your skin to be cared for, to look good. Looking good, the skin looks radiant, flawless. With its habitual use, redness is combated. It is anti-inflammatory. It has firming capacity, being fully indicated in cases of flaccidity. It is very delicate, being suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Birch sap is collected mainly in spring, mainly in countries with cold and extreme climates. It is an antioxidant concentrate, full of minerals and vitamins, which strengthens, both in its internal intake and in its external application. Each and every bioactive substance in the sap, such as enzymes, proteins and amino acids, strengthens skin cells, protects them and, importantly, rejuvenates them. Birch sap is a recognized anti-aging elixir among the Nordics. In addition, it has a molecular size that allows its absorption quickly and reaches the deepest layers of the skin, leaving a dry and velvety touch. As you can see, an exceptional ingredient compared to the traditional use of water in cosmetic formulations.

Birch sap is a concentrate of vitamins B3, B5, B12, A and C that equalize skin tone, heal and prevent and attenuate blemishes. Slows down the aging process of cells and visibly attenuates deeper wrinkles. Oxygenates, improves microcirculation and promotes a healthy, shiny, healthy complexion. In turn, birch sap repairs damage caused by solar radiation and photoaging and balances sebum production, thus keeping the skin in perfect condition, without excess shine, in perfect comfort and well-being.

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-ACMELLA OLERACEA, the most natural alternative to Botox-

From now on, when you are looking for a firming cream or a tensor treatment that provides tissues firmness, look at the INCI and check if, among its ingredients, is Acmella Oleracea. Also called Paracress or herb of the teeth (used since ancient times to calm the pain of teeth), among its many properties is to provide our face with an instant “botox effect”. Obviously, we will not find in our natural treatment the same effect as if we were injected with botulinum toxin, but to be able to find, today, ingredients in the formulations of creams that are 100% natural and that tense, elevate and reaffirm the tissues, providing the desired "botox like" effect, it is already an important step.

Among the key benefits that we will find with the application of Acmella on the skin of our face, neck and cleavage, are: Decrease in size and appearance of wrinkles, smoothness of the skin, tensor effect, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capacity, antioxidant, Healing and promoting a substantial improvement in the health of the veins and capillaries of the face.

We can find several and diverse natural ingredients with tensor effects, but perhaps none, this one we are talking about today has the title of "natural alternative to botox". Acmella, applied topically, reduces muscle tensions due to its calming effect on our tissues, reduces also various types of facial wrinkles caused by the tension and contraction of our muscles. Acmella is a natural muscle relaxant, and by many civilizations it was used to "numb" pains, such as toothaches, for its analgesic ability. All this is due to its main active principle, "spilanthol", which would get tense and "paralyze" (always using the term figuratively, since we mean that it would keep the wrinkle smooth and without tension) the facial muscles , reducing the size and appearance of wrinkles and relaxing the skin of our face. Let's say that it would keep the contractions of our skin muscles under control and our wrinkles with a more attenuated appearance and less deep and marked.

The most visible and immediate effect when applying Acmella topically is the visible softness in the skin texture. Results obtained from the first application. Currently, laboratories and large companies are trying to develop patents to use Acmella (synthetic version, of course) as a safe alternative to Botox. But Acmella is natural, and, as you know, the natural, living beings, as found in nature, cannot be patented.

This is why fortunately we can enjoy super powerful natural active ingredients with the best anti-aging skincare. Our Ami Iyök Skin Warrior Ampoules are the ideal example. Click below and find out more about its wonderful effects.


Start the chestnut time, and we love it! If you are one of those who enjoy giving you binge of this autumn fruit, in Biosplendor we give X reasons why enjoying this delicacy is beneficial for our skin (and our health). Ah! And as nature is wise, there is nothing better than applying a chestnut mask on the skin to repair it after the summer season! At the end of the article we tell you everything!.

The chestnut has a good level of macronutrients and micronutrients that act internally and externally favoring a good skin condition, strengthening the body and preventing inflammation. Its high content of slowly assimilated carbohydrates provide the ideal energy for people with a lot of activity, athletes, convalescent or unappetizing people. Chestnuts are a real tonic for the organism. In addition, they do not contain gluten.

1) It is not as caloric as you can think! Half of the fruit is water! Eat a handful of chestnuts will barely give you about 200Kcal.

2) It is a dry fruit with a significant amount of calcium in its composition, so it is ideal for people intolerant to lactose or vegan.

3) It is a food rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber and vitamins of group B and C, so that its consumption promotes a healthy-looking skin. The benefits will be detailed in the chestnut facial mask for the skin.

4) Chestnuts are a source of monounsaturated fatty acids so, applied in the form of a mask and, through their consumption, in addition to improving cholesterol and taking care of our organs, we will notice our younger skin, delaying aging.

5)The chestnut is one of the most remineralizing nuts. We emphasize in its composition its high content of potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium and calcium. With all this, in addition to promoting our good health and taking care of our skin, we do a huge favor to our hair. To consume chestnuts strengthens the hair, and more now that we begin the autumn and it is time to fall. Nature gives us food in each season so we can take advantage of them. It usually consumes chestnuts to enjoy a good state of skin, health and hair. Also, take advantage of the cooking water of the chestnuts. By rinsing your hair or adding to your hair masks this preparation, you will be able to benefit from the greatness of this homemade tonic. Strengthen your hair, prevent its fall and treat various conditions due to its astringent capacity. Yes, notice rubi @ s! Applying it habitually can darken the hair.

6) Its high content in Potassium balances the Ph of our organism. Chestnuts are an alkalizing food that fights acidity. A body with a balanced Ph is more disease free and our skin is the mirror of it.

7) Chestnut Mask to look healthy and luminous skin.

As we have said before, among its composition, chestnuts are an antioxidant food, loaded with minerals, with a high index of flavonoids, dietary fiber, vitamins of group B, C and monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition to getting rid of toxins, which translates into a more radiant skin and free of imperfections, its external application will provide us:

⁃ Tissue repair

⁃ Reinforcement of defenses, and more now that the adverse weather conditions arrive and the skin is going to undergo abrupt changes in temperature and more extreme climatological environments.

⁃ Stimulation in the production of collagen

⁃ Improvement in the appearance of veins and capillaries. Capillary reinforcement It is the ideal time to apply it after the summer, since it also repairs the effects of the sun on the skin.

⁃ Chestnut and its skin are an astringent food. Along with vitamin B, its topical use improves acne and various skin conditions, redness, excess fat, in addition to improving skin photoageing.

⁃ Hydration and regeneration. Its fatty acids prevent aging and have a high antioxidant power.

To do this, cook a few chestnuts and, when removing them, mash them with a little cooking water. Form a paste that you can apply on the face and let it act for 10 minutes. When you remove it with warm water, finish with cold water to finish closing the pores and leave the skin very smooth. You can create your own masks with the chestnut paste by adding your favorite hydrolate to the preparation or, if you wish, include honey, lemon juice, oatmeal, yogurt or papaya, depending on what you want to boost (nutrition, purify, exfoliate or look for a complete antiaging effect). As you can see, the options, all good, will only benefit your skin. So, in autumn, not only eat chestnuts but also apply them on the face to squeeze all their benefits!

It is an ingredient that definitely makes us fall in love, its beauty applications are ideal, and waiting for the best natural beauty are we, knowing that Green Friday is just here and that all face creams, vegan makeup and natural products will have the best deals on cosmetics this day.

-Rosehip Oil-


The majority of people interested in natural and ecological cosmetics, and a healthier lifestyle, it would not be necessary to describe the innumerable properties that rosehip oil gives us skin. Of all is well known its use to attenuate spots, blur wrinkles, maintain a healthy tone and appearance of the skin, combat marks and imperfections, fight against photoaging and improve the firmness ... We could describe a very long list with all the good who can give us It is clear that it is an indispensable that we should always have on hand, and never stop using it. Of course, you always have to check, to make sure you get the most effectiveness possible, first, that it is an oil entirely from organic farming, and second, that its extraction methods are cold and with systems fully specialized in maintaining all the properties of this oil intact, since it is packaged until the end of the months of suitable consumption once the container is opened. Not all rosehip oils are the same ... It's good to always read the labels. There are many products on the market that, once packaged, are totally "inert" in active principles and properties since the methods of cultivation, handling and production literally "kill" the active principles of the treatment or, worse, can be adulterated. For that reason, do not play it when you buy an oil, and more if it will be like rosehip, which is supposed to be a must of beauty that you will always have at home. Remember also that oils have a much higher skin penetration rate than serums! That is why, as we always recommend in Biosplendor, watch what you put on! You can get a treatment that works wonders if you choose well or, on the contrary, destroy the largest organ that we have in our body! And not only that, remember that everything we apply always always conditions to a greater or lesser extent to our entire system. Let's take care!.

But the main reason for our article is not based mainly on advice. As we started at the beginning, articles about how wonderful the rosehip can be for our skin are many. What we want this time is to dissect all those components that your oil gives us, and, in turn, examine each and every one of the properties they have on our skin. Thus, in this way, we can understand why rosehip oil is one of the best resources of beauty to which we must always go.

We now describe the main composition of rosehip oil:

Almost entirely, it is composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids:

⁃Omega 6 (Linoleic) and Omega 3 (Linolenic).

Of the percentage of unsaturated, we find:

⁃ Omega 9

⁃Octadecaenoic acid.

Finally, the lowest proportion of fatty acids is saturated as:

⁃ Esterharic Acid

⁃ Palmitic acid

⁃ Eicosanoic acid

In addition, it contains:

⁃ Vitamin A

⁃ Beta-carotene

⁃ Vitamin C

⁃ Vitamin E

⁃ Tannins

⁃ Flavonoids

Let's see what are the properties of each and every one of these components on the skin, to make us an idea of ​​why rosehip and its oil are, in this way, so necessary for good maintenance, health and youth.

Linoleic acid

Treats skin disorders by keeping it healthy. It is indicated for the treatment of dry skin, eczema, inflammations, small wounds and dermatitis. Its continued use keeps the skin looking more hydrated (since it allows not to lose so much water over the years) and firmer.

Linolenic acid

It is a fabulous skin conditioning agent as well as restorative. It retains the hydration of the skin, regulates the production of sebum in the most oily skin and maintains elasticity. It has a protective effect, above all on the damages that UV rays can produce on the face, preventing, at the same time, the cutaneous photoaging. In turn, it is anti-inflammatory.

Omega 9

It seals the hydration of the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is very soothing. It is especially indicated for people who suffer from dry and rough skin.

Octadecaenoic acid

Present in cell membranes. Its topical use, therefore, promotes its good state and is totally akin to them.

Stearic acid

Eliminates impurities and excess sebum on the skin. Emollient and moisturizing.

Palmitic acid

Softens the skin and is very emollient.

Eicosanoic acid

Condition the skin It is present in the phospholipids of our cell membranes and therefore has a high affinity. Avoid peeling and desiccation.

Vitamin A

It promotes a healthier, firmer and radiant skin. Protects against sun damage and slows cell aging. It reinforces the skin's defense barrier and makes it more resistant against redness, spots and irritations. It allows the skin to fight more effectively against bacteria, infections, irritants and environmental pollution. Its continuous application fights wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen and smoothes the cutaneous surface. The vitamin A present in rosehip also helps to lighten brown spots induced by the sun, increasing cell renewal and blocking an enzyme needed to produce more melanin and, therefore, the formation of more spots. The result is a more uniform and shiny complexion. People suffering from acne will see how, by slowing down the production of sebum with its use, pimples and pimples will disappear. The pores remain much cleaner and clearer.


They increase the resistance of the skin. Powerful antioxidants that protect from sun damage and significantly improve skin tone. They have anti-aging properties. They increase the regeneration and renewal of the cells which makes them very useful to treat diseases and skin conditions. They improve their appearance and restore their flexibility. They provide a healthier and more satin appearance. They prevent scars, heal scratches and reduce irritations and itchy skin. They prevent slowing the signs of age on the skin.

Vitamin C

It stimulates the production of collagen and helps to keep skin firmer, more supple and healthy. It is a rich source of antioxidants that fights free radicals that cause the signs of aging, the formation of spots, the destruction of collagen and even the formation of certain skin cancers. It is so powerful that its topical use reduces wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation problems. Reduce the speed with which aging is making a dent in our skin. The final appearance will be younger and healthier. It is a very restorative vitamin that fights the effects of sun damage and stimulates the creation of new cells to repair the most damaged skin. It is ideal to stimulate the healing of small cuts or wounds. Reduces the appearance and color of spots and acne marks. It promotes a smoother, firmer and more elastic skin. Reduces irritation and inflammation, so it is fully recommended for various skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema.

Vitamin E

Very nutritious and moisturizing. Antioxidant Neutralizes free radicals that damage cells and protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and ultraviolet radiation. It is anti-inflammatory and strengthens its defenses. Its action is enhanced when it is combined with other vitamins, such as C. So the rosehip is ideal because its composition complements both vitamins.


They have soothing, astringent and antioxidant properties. Relieves the discomfort of the most sensitive and demanding skin. They can heal burns and stop bleeding. They heal wounds and stop infections. Its protective capacity on tissues prevents wounds from becoming infected even more. They are a great antiseptic that relieves itching and swelling in cuts, scratches, acne spots and even stings.


With anti-inflammatory, astringent, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They protect and repair the damage caused by the sun's rays. They exert, therefore, an antioxidant function that, in turn, takes care of our cell membranes.

Seeing, therefore, all the components present in the rosehip oil, it is not surprising that it has become an indispensable in every home. Its use, whether continuous, or by cycles, is essential to maintain a state of young skin and, above all, much healthier. Whether it is just as before the treatment cream or combined with other vitamins, especially C, we will notice significant and very positive changes in a short time. Best of all, any type of skin can benefit from it. So, seeing why the rosehip is so good given its composition, we advise you never to forget to have a little boat at home!.

In Biosplendor we have Organic Rosehip Oil Certified for a radiant and youthful skin. Result of the latest advances in cold extraction that guarantee the freshness and total assimilation of all its active ingredients. Rosemary includes, in addition to all the benefits it provides, is the best natural preservative that can have this type of oil. We recommend that you visit our product card and check all the wonders that treatment can work on your face.

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-Blue cypress nectar-


Very recently we incorporated a new treatment to Biosplendor that fascinated us. When we tested it, we had no doubt that it should be with us. Immediately we got with him: The Blue Cypress Nectar of Ere Perez.

In addition to all its fantastic ingredients, of recognized benefits for our skin, we were struck by its protagonist, the extract of blue cypress. Normally we have general knowledge of all the components and essential oils, their benefits and properties, but always the signatures of high natural cosmetics end up surprising us with some small ingredient, almost magic, that nature gives us.

Ideal for unify the skin tone

We could start with a little history, but we want to focus more on the benefits that this tree gives us. Originally from Australia, blue cypress can reach 300 years of life. Its branches and bark have been used by the aborigines for centuries to take care of the skin of the special climate, of contrasts, that they suffer in that continent. The molecule of this type of cypress, the guaiazulene, is the one that hides the secret of its benefits and the one that provides that bluish color to the extract. Once incorporated into the treatment, acting in synergy with other natural oils, blue cypress is able to transform the tone, smoothness and health of your skin in a very short time. On the one hand, it is the ideal treatment against all kinds of imperfections, irritations and redness. It even relieves insect bites. On the other, it provides smoothness and softness to the skin. It reinforces and protects from sudden changes in temperature and creates a subtle protective barrier that helps prevent skin aging. Its daily use causes your skin to transform into a totally healthy aspect, free of redness, pimples or small pads. The surface is smoothed and perfection is scratched. Your face will no longer be the same.

Perfect for all skin types... eaven the most delicated.

The blue cypress is the perfect ally for all those people who suffer from sensitive, sensitive and reactive skins. Relieves discomfort and itching, quickly repairs irritations and helps to match the natural tone. In addition to all people who, even if they do not have problematic skin, simply want to sublimate the appearance of their skin, blue cypress extract will be the perfect ally of all those who suffer from skin allergies. Its healing properties will make it possible to withstand and take better the discomfort, mitigating the discomfort. All this is due to its anti-inflammatory capacity.

Improves the blood circulation.

Another of the wonderful effects of the extract is the improvement of blood circulation. The so-called "tree of immortality", in addition to beautifying and perfecting, promotes a good oxygenation of the areas in which it is applied, favoring the resistance of veins and capillaries and preventing alterations and disorders such as couperose. In this way, redness can also be kept at bay.

Balance your skin

Its balancing power makes it ideal for all skin types. It regulates excess fat and fights pimples and pimples due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic quality and, on the other hand, softens, soothes and comforts the most dry and sensitive skins, embellishing them and preventing them from aging. It reinforces the skin defense barrier and hinders the premature advancement of deterioration. Attenuates the appearance of small scars.

As you can see, properties are not lacking, that´s for sure!. If you decide to pass and test their qualities in your own skin, in Biosplendor we have the Blue cypress Facial Nectar of Ere Perez, full of the benefits & properties. What are you waiting to find out?

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