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Begins the homework in the subject of your skin:

Summer comes to an end. For some days the dreaded return to work has materialized and, what has also been manifested, if it has not yet done so, are the ravages that cause in our skin the effects of the summer.

With the end of the heat and the entrance to autumn, our body undergoes alterations, perhaps more pronounced at this time of year than in the successive season changes, and always more pronounced in the transition from summer to autumn and from winter to spring.

From now on you can be one of those people that are part of the average acne starts to appear, spots or alterations in the skin of the face, lack of luminosity, opacity, dryness or, on the contrary, more oil than normal. Your hair begins to fall or is about to happen to you, like every year, and the skin of the body itches or presents some type of alteration. If you want to keep all this at bay or prevent it from happening to you, as far as possible, follow our beauty protocols indispensable for the change of season. You will see how it will be easier to welcome the autumn with a smile and a pristine skin.

1. Hair care, your top priority

The sea baths are excellent, with healing properties and beneficial for our organism. But an accumulated excess of sun, sand and wind punishes your hair, and you can not imagine in what way. If you add chlorine to the pools, totally toxic, the cocktail can be fatal. Irritation, dryness, clogged pores ... A combination of elements that damage your scalp and weaken hair fibers. The result is a rough, lifeless hair with excess dryness and lack of luster or, conversely, there are people who are triggered by an excess of sebum that clogs the follicles and manifests with an increase in fat and their consequent annoying effects. In the most feared of cases, and what most people usually suffer at this time of year, is the massive fall of hair. You begin to notice as you fill the pillow hairs, or the sink of the shower. Well, let's try to end this once and for all, and how? By following 2 infallible steps that you can not ignore: The application of a capillary serum together with the shampoo suitable for the need of the moment and the taking of a nutricosmetic supplement that helps you to mitigate as much as possible the damages and fall that your hair can suffer .

At the end of the summer, it is imperative to take a preparation that contains the essential nutrients and amino acids that your hair needs to, first, avoid falling, and secondly, keep it nice, shiny, stronger and with fullness. The arrival of autumn does not have to mean the loss of vitality or to stop showing an abundant hair. Taking the right supplement will make your hair grow faster, more stronger. You will notice the change.

As for capillary serum, it is necessary after summer to make a cure to cleanse your hair. In combination with the natural shampoo that best suits your characteristics or needs of the moment, the hair serum will provide the necessary nutrients to look nice, bright and, above all, health. As we apply serums to the face to keep us younger, the same should be done occasionally with your hair, especially in seasonal changes. You will provide vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth and help strengthen them. By carrying out this protocol you will notice the difference, no doubt, with respect to other years!

-Hair Serum The Organic Pharmacy

-Hair Molecule Fountain

2. Start to like the steam sauna ... Well, you must

Summer brings fantastic things to the body, especially our health and emotional well-being. But we also accumulate toxins. New schedules, different habits (the most important, food) and endless elements, such as leaving aside in some cases the exercise routines, which cause us to accumulate these toxins and then manifest in the fearsome effects on the skin of the which we will discuss later. Therefore, before we perform our cures to enter triumphantly at the change of season, we will help our body performing a couple steam sauna sessions a week. Needless to say, not everyone can do it, but if you are one of those people that can carry it out and you do not have any type of healthy problem that prevents you, go ahead. It takes 7 minutes per session to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body. You will begin to cleanse yourself and then, every cure you apply, will be much easier and the benefits will be noticed in less time.

Remember, after a steam sauna session, you must be strong and take a shower with cold water. You must stand. It is necessary to gain multiple benefits and strengthen your health and immune system. You will notice how your skin improves in tone, texture and imperfections. Also do not perform a hygienic shower (with soap) until after at least 2 hours of your sauna session. But there are no benefits to the body. Another option is to make your shower hygienic before your sauna session (for example, after a gym session), then, after the shower, perform your sauna session and finish with the cold shower. You will notice a positive change, we assure you.

3. The skin on your face needs urgent help

You begin to appear granites and, in some cases, an outbreak of acne. Think that you have been putting sunscreen creams all summer with sunscreens that are sometimes too fat or not adequate enough for your skin type. At the same time, excess sun, chlorine and sweat causes considerable clogging of the pores. This is linked to a bad treatment in your daily routine (do not fool ourselves, many times we do not want to follow the complete routines of washing and toning the face for fear of losing the dark, gross error and absurd myth) make your skin in the summer a a nest of bacteria that, when they fall, are virulently manifested.

In turn, the symptoms that some people cause cystic outbreaks, excessive production of sebum and dandruff, in others causes dryness, tightness, itching and redness. Not to mention the worsening in the number of spots or their color, which become darker. In many cases, an extra hypersensitivity. Do not miss more time. Your face needs sanitation urgently. The basic and necessary is to give you the care of your routine a plus of vitamins, minerals and effective but gentle bioactive elements that can restore health to your skin.

Exfoliation in the form of a peeling, deeper, is indispensable. Before, you must clean your face morning and night daily with a mild cleanser, loaded with vitamins and nutritious oils that, besides eliminating all the impurities, provide a plus of repair, moisturize, nourish and have sanitizing and antiaging effects. For at least 2 months you should change your cleansing routine and opt for a mild emulsion cleanser for all skin types or a nutritive cleansing balm with beta-carotene (provitamin A) for normal and dry skin.

-Green Shaman Face Cleanser Ami Iyök

-Carrot cleansing balm The Organic Pharmacy

Then, once a week, and from now, for at least a month or until you begin to notice the changes, it is urgent to exfoliate the skin to remove all that accumulation of layers of dead cells that have been settled in your dermis . We know that it is summer and, as we have said before, few people exfoliate previous days before sunbathing for fear that the brunette is going away.

In this case the exfoliation should not be performed with a normal treatment with seeds or ground crusts, as we are accustomed to perform. We must go a little deeper and make a peeling with a powder that comes essentially from natural bioactive sources and acids from fruits, if your skin is not extremely sensitive. In addition to descaling and allowing oxygenation of the skin and opening of the pores, we will gradually get better and you will notice how it will recover its tone, smoothness and smoothness. Let's not talk about luminosity anymore. With the subsequent moisturizing treatment, you will notice gradually the improvement of its surface and you will see how the imperfections will be remitted. Your stains will fade.

-Energizing peeling mask with amino acids Qi MM Face Peel by Mel Millis

-Powder face scrub of Antonia Burrell

We must finish the routine of repairing the skin with a good toning and subsequent hydration with the most appropriate treatment at this time of year.

To end a complete sanitation, we must use a tonic, in the line we follow, with healing properties, that provides us with vitamins and is delicate with the skin. We must use, at least at night, a serum, suitable for all skin types, to combat all imperfections, including sun spots, and repair photoaging and, finally, an anti-aging moisturizing treatment for all skin types which contains a high cocktail of vitamins and natural active principles to restore health, youth and softness to the face, free of imperfections and brimming with luminosity.

-Antioxidant facial tonic, Hibistonic, Ami Iyök

-Advanced Multifunctional Serum Oil Slow Liquid, Ami Iyök

-Anti-aging antioxidant cream The Organic Pharmacy

4. Do not forget the body

Like your face, the skin on your body needs a cure. It is worth to cover it more, but do not forget it! And with the change of season also manifests many problems related to itching, dermatitis, eczema or outbreaks of acne, annoying and unsightly. Therefore, you should perform a gentle cleansing with totally natural and organic gels or oils, which will tone and gradually restore health to your skin.

Once a week, exfoliate your entire body if you are not hypersensitive, with a treatment that contains minerals and vitamins from botanical ingredients to help your skin repair, heal and regenerate. There are exfoliating treatments that only "polish" the surface but do not provide anything else. Look for one that, in addition to eliminating dead cells, takes care of your skin, protects it and provides all the necessary elements to make it look young and healthy.

Then allow yourself a few weeks of luxurious body treatment that will eventually repair your damaged skin. Look for one that gives you the best nutritious, restorative, anti-aging, and non-comedogenic oils. You can find different prices, suitable for all pockets, but never forget to pay special attention to their composition. Make them all natural and do not skimp on ingredients and active ingredients.

Finally, do not leave the more specific areas of your body such as neck and décolleté. Perhaps an excess of sun has caused many damages in this delicate area, where the skin suffers the consequences being very dry, wrinkled and with spots or redness. If you can afford it, apply an effective treatment on this part to be able to show cleavage throughout the year!

-Black pepper & Maychang bath gel, Lulu & Boo

-Cleopatra´s body scrub by The Organic Pharmacy

-Algae and Roses body cream total anti-age of La Espiral Verde

-Lina Hanson's Body Serum Global Body Serum

-Lina Hanson Global Treasures gold multifunctional balm for eyes, neck or neckline.

If due to the change of season you suffer from outbreaks, itching, redness or discomfort in specific areas with eczema, rashes or scabs, use an organic balm, 100% natural and organic, which will amazingly improve the quality of the affected area.

- Inlight Beauty Organic Sensitive Skin (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis) balm

5. Detox cure now!

We leave it to the end but you should start, at the moment of transformation of your routine, and always always always in a season change, with a detox plan in food and, at least, through supplementation.

At least 4 times a year, and always, after the summer, it is necessary to perform a detoxification of the organism for health. If we are healthy inside, we will manifest it from the outside. You will see how it will help you in the tone and quality of the skin of your face and body. Little by little your imperfections will disappear and, if you suffer from some skin disorder, you will see how your quality of life improves, reflecting a healthier skin.

By the end of the summer, your body may be saturated with toxins from poor diet. We eat a lot more outside the home, healthy habits are removed, during the holidays we allow ourselves some "prizes" that can become poison for our organism, and, before entering the autumn, we overflow harmful elements through all the pores of our skin . We must become aware of a cleaning of our digestive system that will manifest itself in a healthy, healthy and beautiful skin. At the same time we prepare our organism to receive the new foods typical of the changing season.

Remember that a good beauty routine starts from the inside.

-The Detox Capsules from The Organic Pharmacy

And you, Do you follow any protocol of beauty with the change of season ?.

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