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Normally, when we wash our heads, we love to feel that well-being that causes the smell of the shampoo, the foam that does .. It gives us the feeling that the hair is cleaner and with a wonderful smell ... Nothing further from the reality.

From now on, reflect with what we are going to tell you. Your shampoo, against more foam does and rather smells, more toxic, contaminating and dangerous ingredients for your health contains. It goes in proportion, it is so.

Fortunately, nature offers us ingredients that have essential oils where, in addition to caring for your scalp, keep your hair beautiful and protect your skin, leave an aroma as much or more pleasant than chemical and synthetic products.

Natural shampoo vs. chemical shampoo: effects that betray ...

The question is .. A natural and eco-friendly shampoo will not make the amount of foam that another commercial .. But it will not leave your hair dirty. The cleaning will be even better, and the results, medium and long term, spectacular. The chemicals in conventional shampoos give perhaps more immediate effects. They give shine, promote an easy hairstyle, bring softness ... But at a price. All this thanks to tremendously toxic and artificial substances that, in the long run, take their toll. The hair, like the skin, has memory. And over the years irritations, pruritis, dandruff, seborrhea, scabs, baldness and much more are triggered.

If you test for at least 1 to 2 months, use a totally natural shampoo, you will be surprised to see how your hair will undergo a kind of healing "crisis". Do I make myself clear. The results with a natural shampoo are not visible so fast. It takes longer, but it's worth it. What you will see is a kind of worsening in the first few days of treatment. It looks like the hair will be rougher (or greasier, depending on your trend) and will release more dandruff. It will be normal. What will happen to you is that your scalp and your mane are expelling the remains of silicones, plastics and toxic elements that had nested in your head for years and years. It will be detoxifying, healing. Look like

So, if you decide to switch to the natural cleaning of your hair, do not worry or scandalize. You will have to have a little patience. But after that temporary transit .. It will be like a new resurgence. Your hair will begin to shine, to be softer, more body and healthier, looking healthy and clean longer. The problems that you may have at the level of sensitivity or reactivity will disappear. It will be more oxygenated and lithically "free" from harmful elements. Any variety of natural shampoo is the type of hair you have will work miracles, no doubt.

Healthy hair? Among the ingredients that we advise you to discard completely are:

ASL, SLS and SLES (Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate):

They are the worst and just what creates that beautiful foam when you wash your head. Detergents that deteriorate and are abrasive. They damage hair, scalp and stop the healthy growth of hair. Highly irritating. They destroy the hair fibers. The skin and the body absorbs them and their toxic capacity lasts for days.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

In the state of polymers or silicones that steal moisture and dry and give a rough look to the hair. They are toxic and irritating.

The DEA and TEA (Ethanolamines)

They are chemical compounds of amino acids with alcohols that perform the function of preservatives and, combined with other ingredients and elements, can form nitrosamines and trigger harmful effects on the health of the skin and the body. They can also irritate, cause allergies and destroy keratin, offering a regrettable look of hair over time.

Needless to say have parabens, synthetic alcohols or artificial coloring that in addition to irritating and spoiling destabilize the hormonal balance.

Propylene glycol

It is an alcohol commonly used as a conditioning agent. It damages the skin defense barrier. It irritates the scalp and can be a potent allergen. It can even cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Mineral oils and petroleum products:

They plug the follicles and do not let beneficial elements penetrate like the natural essential oils that would be beneficial to the hair. Dull the correct oxygenation.

Dimethicone (dimethicone):

A silicone that serves to give a "soft and shiny" effect to the hair. It does more than plug, even more so than mineral oils. It clogs and can cause cystic acne. It is highly irritating to many people, it causes itchiness and reactivity on the skin of the scalp. In the long run it damages the hair and can cause undesirable consequences ... Together with the synthetic sulfates it is tremendously toxic and can greatly damage the capillary health to the people, especially those who suffer from sensitive skin. It catches bacteria like a magnet. It promotes the formation of sebum and the accumulation of impurities, there is nothing.


It is an antibacterial and fungicidal chemical. Among its many adverse effects, it accumulates in cells and eventually is toxic to the body. It causes endocrine disruptions, deteriorates the skin and is very irritating.

Polysorbate 20:

Chemical mixture of sorbitol and lauric acid which acts as an emulsifier. It is used as solvent for ingredients. It leaves residue on the scalp, unbalances the skin's Ph and destroys its defense barrier.

Potassium Sorbate:

It is a preservative that can cause toxicity to the skin and the body.


Another preservative that can cause toxicity to the skin and the body and irritations.


Ammonium salt used as preservative. May cause allergies and toxicity.

After seeing all the "goodness" that the chemical ingredients implemented in most shampoos offer us .. It is possible to make a small reflection and think why, in many cases, with the passage of time, we suffer so many types of alterations and problems in our Hair and scalp. Stress will always play a bad trick, that is undoubted, but it is true that, just as food is very important as a guarantee of protection and good health, everything we put, against more natural, more benefits will report . The skin and the hair are no exception. Let's take care of them.

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