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If you have come this far, it means that you are concerned about the evolution that your body is having.

Perhaps you are one of the people who, when looking in the mirror, wonders what could have happened in such a short space of time; now certain parts of your body show a flaccidity that you did not know and that have now become unwelcome travel companions.

Do not worry, because we are going to teach you all the tricks so that you look a firm body, perhaps not like the one of yesteryear (age does not pass in vain), but firmer than the one you are in today.
We are going to teach you the best kept secrets here: in the Ultimate Guide to Body Firmness.

But before we start, let's start from the basis of normalization, because what we see in magazines and on social networks is not the reality of us: real women. For this reason, we want it to be clear that every body is beautiful in its essence and in its nature.
The body with age tends to evolve towards a different state, and for that reason neither worse nor less beautiful, quite the opposite; At any age, constitution and state, we continue to transmit beauty, a natural beauty typical of the moment in life in which we find ourselves.

For this reason, from Biosplendor we recommend that whenever you want to tone your body, be it because you personally like to have a firmer body, but not because you can be influenced by a canon of beauty or by not accepting the passage of time in your Body. This way you will enjoy this whole process of exercising your body in a healthy way.

Why do we recommend this? Well, because you should never allow anyone to stipulate the type of beauty you should wear, because your beauty is unique, like that of each person, and you, with your own nature and essence already you are pure beauty.

Now, as we have told you, if you love a firm body, we are going to show you everything so that you can achieve it:

Let's go to what concerns us, which is to teach you what you have come to this page for: Tone the body

Body tone

Difference between toning and firming:

It is important that you understand this, because it is not the same.

Toning is the visible result left by the contraction action of the muscular system. This visualization on the skin is transitory, that is, it will not be less flaccid because we work the muscle. Working the muscle helps us to harden the area, gain firmness and therefore eliminate muscle flaccidity, not that of the skin.

Firming, on the contrary, refers to the skin and not the muscular system. When we seek to reaffirm the skin, we have to provide it with the necessary nutrients and active ingredients for a cellular restructuring that improves the innermost layers of the skin. These nutrients can be obtained from cosmetic products, diet and equipment or specific aesthetic treatments.

Combining both, toning and firming, we will achieve an excellent result, because we will contribute to a production of the highest quality of fibroblasts, which actively contribute to the internal restructuring of the skin.

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Now that we have clarified these doubts, come on, let's get down to business:

We are going to reveal the tables of exercises, food so that you work each area of ​​your body and cosmetics (when appropriate).

We promise that by following these tips for 30 days you will notice a very significant difference and you will just want to keep applying them.

It is the magic of exercise, which transforms the body but also the mind.

Let's go:

Arms workout women´s

Arms worry us, and a lot ... it is not that we want to raise our arms in a sexy way to call a taxi as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, nor that we want to greet the people like Queen Elizabeth, but what we do want is that when we raise our arm, whatever it is for, it does not hang down as if it were part of the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch.

For our peace of mind, tone arms are a reality, you can have them by gaining firmness, how? Well, by doing toned arms exercises. Yes, toning your arms fast is that simple.

Throughout this BlogSplendor entry we are going to teach you videos with exercise routines that you should follow throughout the week and at the end of the post we have prepared a table for you, with the order of the videos to follow, so that you make it easy to do this toning routine at home.

To exercise your arms we bring you a routine by PJ from Fitness with PJ that is ideal for what we want to achieve:

If you want to tone arms without weights because you do not have them, you can use water bottles, start with small 50cl if you are not used to exercise and then go to 1L when you feel you can handle it..

And if you are a beginner and want to start without weight, we show you another very interesting routine by Schellea Fowler:

You choose which one suits you best.

Tone Armpfits

Yes, the armpits also accumulate fat and it´s swowed when we have our arms close to the body; that fold that appears between the arm and the chest ...

Don't worry, because there is also a specific armpfit exercises to tone this area and it is closely related to arm routines.

Enjoy the video and your burn armpit fat:

Abs tone

Having a firm abdomen is a great challenge, it is one of the most complicated areas if not the most. We don't want to discourage you, but honesty, you know is one of our core values; This does not mean that having a flat stomach it is not possible at all, it will only cost us a little more than other parts of the body.

We want you to understand the why of things, and that is why we explain the difficulties that the abdomen has.

When we have a flabby belly, it is most likely that we have excess fat in the area.

The fat located in the abdomen is usually visceral, it accumulates between the viscera unlike that which accumulates in the lower part of the body, which is subcutaneous (for example, that of the hips and thighs).

It is more dangerous because it raises triglycerides in the blood, can cause cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and increases the probability of cardiovascular diseases.

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress ... contribute to it, so eliminating all these foci is necessary to reduce belly fat and tone the abdominal area.

Endocrine system, hormonal and genetic aspects also contribute, so if you improve your diet, become more active, reduce your stress and still do not notice any change and you continue with your problem, consulting a specialist is the best solution because you may be suffering a hormonal imbalance that produces that accumulation of fat in the belly.

Does it seem that abdominal fat is our enemy to beat? Well, we flatly say yes, because if we manage to beat this, it is a sign that we have also managed to tone our entire body.

We tell you this because when you reduce fat from other body areas: hips, thighs, buttocks ... abdominal fat will be the last to be eliminated, and that is why we affirm that reducing abdominal fat will indicate that you are in good shape and therefore both with a toned body.

Now that you understand this topic, let's take action:

Abs exercises

Go ahead and do this toning combo from PJ once again by Fitness with PJ:


By also sitting down we can do a flat stomach workout, and you will get good results too, so go ahead with this routine if you see that you can´t with the with the rhythm of the last video.

If you have just started exercising, last video it is a good starting point if you aren´t use to exercise.

Foods to burn fat

As abdominal fat is more difficult to eliminate due to its type, we will need some help, a healthy diet will give us the support we need to maximize our exercise efforts.

We are going to recommend some foods that improve fat burning, others that help drain fluids (which carry lipids and hence their usefulness), and others that speed up metabolism so they help us burn faster./p>

With these recommendations we want to give you ideas so that you can add these foods / recipes to your usual healthy diet, at no time is it good to only consume this type of food, because a healthy body goes through a varied diet.

On many occasions, the mistake is made of drastically reducing calorie intake, and this is not good for our body, why? Because our body enters a state of "reserve", in which it slows down the metabolism, and therefore burning the fat remains is slower effect.

For this reason, and for the main reason to have a proper health, eating a balanced diet is essential to show off a beautiful body. After all, health is reflected outside. From the Inside out

In case you need support on how to eat because you do not have a very balanced basis, contacting a dietitian so that they can advise you is the best option.

First a few simple habits to reduce abdominal fat:

  • Drink more than 2L of water daily
  • Eliminate processed food
  • Reduce / Eliminate salt
  • Reduce carbohydrates in dinners (bread, potatoes, cereals ...)

And now, let's get down to business, here are some belly fat burn foods:

Green tea, avocado, lentils, olive oil, chili, lemon, cinnamon, chocolate ...

If you want to know more about foods that help burn fat, on the next page they explain it very well and in detail:

Food to burn belly fat

Fat burning cream

When it comes to burning fat, exercise and diet are essential, essential to achieve this goal. If you also want to help yourself externally, a natural toning body cream will be perfect.

With the following natural resculpting body oil you can help you reduce belly fat and also from the thighs and hips:

Oils, creams, balms ... numerous textures for different tastes, and we have them all. Help burn fat faster with the best natural anti-cellulite.

And now that we have seen the most difficult, the rest will seem easy.
Let's move on to the legs and discover why they are the best ally to burn fat (including the abdomen):

Exercises to tone legs

Yes, the lower trunk, let's call it legs, are your "workhorse", your "artillery" against fat. The legs are made up of the largest muscles in the body, such as the quadriceps, the biceps femoris ... and that means that any exercise we do with them helps us burn more fat and therefore tone better.

Taking care of you is our mission, be it with cosmetics, with tips for a healthy life or with exercises, as in this case, therefore, it is important that you know that the legs have to be worked with care.
Sometimes the joints suffer with certain exercises, for example the knees with squats, or the ankles with impact exercises, that is why we have divided the leg exercises by intensity categories, so that you gradually evolve the toning of the legs and you can advance in intensity in a safe and healthy way once you have gained strength in them and the necessary technique.
Therefore, if you are starting, work on the videos cataloged for beginners and after 3 weeks start with the following.

Note: If you already have any discomfort or a little pain in your joints, consult a specialist / doctor before doing any of the exercises that we suggest.

Tone legs

  • For starters:

  • Advanced class:

Tone thighs

  • For starters:

With this Ask Doctor Jo, you will learn the principles of strengthen your knees so after few weeks exercising them, you will be able to encourage yourself to start putting into practice stronger exercises for quads.

    • Advanced classes:

Are you worried about the inner thighs? This is your class:

Here are two general routines for you to exchange each week:

But Exercises

The same thing happens with the buttocks as with the legs, in fact the gluteus is the largest muscle we have and therefore the most powerful and useful for burning fat.

Exercising the buttocks is guaranteed toning. We teach you how to:

Tone buttocks at home

The most comfortable glute exercises in this quick beginner routine:

Tone buttocks

This is a more intense and advanced class:

Having reached the end, we also want to propose routines that unify exercises that we have seen in previous videos, in this way if some week you cannot exercise as many days as you want, these classes will be great for you to work several areas in a single day and continue in shape by toning your body:

  • LAB | Legs, Abs & Butt :

  • Total body tone:

  • Cardio without impact:

What do you think of these tips and routines? We hope you like them, enjoy them and make them enjoyable, because as you see toning the whole body is easier than it seems, it is just a matter of perseverance.

How to organize your body workout:

Easy, check the amount of time you can invest per day. At least 15 minutes a day and one area of the body a day and you will notice the changes.

Be consistent and exercise at least 3 days a week and a maximum of 5 days.

As we have promised, here is a table so you can organize the week:

  • TABLE 5 Days in Week:

Arms & Armpits Abs Legs But Extra Class

  • TABLE 3 Days in Week:

Arms & Armpits LAB Cardio

And if you can go to the gym better than better, because you will have machinery and / or a personal trainer guiding you in your evolution.
But as sometimes it is not possible, these routines are made for women like us, workers, with families, who do not have time to spare and the best thing is that you can put them into practice at home perfectly, with what there is no more excuses.

As you can see, at 40 you can tone your body and whatever your age.

Now it´s time, go ahead and tone up!

We will love it if when you put them into practice you come back here and tell us how you have been and how you have progressed. We read you.

A big BioHug for you and see you in the next BlogSplendor entry

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