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In Biosplendor we have allergies, yes, like you: mites, parietaria, grasses, olives .. Which produce horrible rhinitis, malaise, urticaria .. but we also know well that not all the problems that arise, especially those related to the skin, come from That group of common allergens. Unfortunately, poor diet and, above all, stress, tension, a frenetic pace of life with intense activity can lead to skin disorders that can also lead to erythema, irritation, pruritis, eczema, rashes among others That cause us nothing but more stress, altering our emotional system and, in some cases, creating insecurities.

For those who have allergies to the infinity of things that can be had, to those that life brings you head and your skin manifests, those of the anisakis or those who by the beginning of spring begin to "alter" Everything here is a series of superfoods and vitamins that, besides taking care of you, will help you relieve and combat the symptoms of these annoying reactions in a natural way, as life itself.


If the stress you eat, you have anxiety, an intense rhythm and activity .. And all this manifests in a pernicious way on your skin, causing you redness, alterations, itching, eczema .. Do not hesitate and incorporate in your diet foods rich in Betacarotenes (precursors of vitamin A). You will have a radiant skin at the same time that you will keep all your mucosas taken care of. In addition, unlike vitamin A, which our body accumulates in the liver, beta-carotenes are not toxic because the body only transforms them into vitamin A when it needs it. Therefore, the intake of beta-carotene will help take care of your skin giving a beautiful and golden color as they are always placed on the outer layer of this to protect us from oxidative damage. In addition, it will accelerate the healing of injuries, stimulates our immune system giving response to any attack related to what we are dealing with in this article, allergies.

So you know, if you want to remove those annoying skin imperfections and greatly alleviate the harmful effects of allergies, incorporate orange and dark green fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peppers, squash, broccoli and spinach. As supplements, DIEU SOLEIL de Serpens will work miracles on your skin, we assure you since we have been taking it for years. You can combine it with FORET PROTECTION (vitamin C) from the same house, to also combat the most severe allergies in the respiratory system.


Effective in fighting all kinds of germs among its many benefits is a vitamin with antiallergic properties. Do not worry about passing you because our body eliminates it through the urine (but as in everything .. nor we pass). If you eat berries of acerola, strawberries, citrus-limon, grapefruit, orange, kiwi ..-, papaya, mango and peppers (yes, as before! Double ration, vit A and C two in one) you will see how your body resists more To the envigidas of the feared allergies.


Among its many benefits, this flavonoid will keep the circulation at bay as well as being a powerful antioxidant and fighter of multiple infections and inflammations as well as antibacterial. So run to the market and fill the basket of onions, garlic and apples, which are the most have. You will not regret getting used to green tea!


Does not that sound true? Well we will tell you that it is a tree from tropical areas of Africa and Asia. It is also known as "Indian Incense" and its sticky resin, gum, acids and essential oils have innumerable properties against multiple pathologies, among which we highlight the anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic. It reduces the symptoms of allergies, mainly inflammation. Pregnancy is not recommended in pregnant women.


In addition to your allergy, it will make you bear more of a cold or flu. It is antiviral, antiinfectious, disinfectant and bactericidal. Natural antibiotic you can take it in multiple ways.


Your most natural allergy partner. You can find it in any herbalist. This plant, also known as "golden sun" is a totally natural antihistamine and fights both the inflammation in the airways and the itching and reaction of the skin itself to allergens. It relieves all kinds of symptoms in allergies, it is to be appreciated.

So far our list of favorites. Do not forget to always lead a healthy life, to feel good, to love you more, and to incorporate in your superdieta spices like turmeric, ginger, mushrooms like reishi, whole grains, probiotics like kefir and yogurt or alkaline foods like miso and tempeh That help to regulate the ph of your organism, and omegas! Do not miss it! Take the 3 (like fish oil) and do not forget the polyunsaturated oils, evening primrose, sesame, etc. Which will go great for your skin, thank you, you will see! Allergies from now on will stop making your life impossible ...

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