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We all know how difficult it is to get going in the morning to face the rest of the day. You have your clothes and accessories ready, but only one small detail is missing, what about the face? We do not want your morning makeup routine to become an ordeal, life moves fast, and at one point or another in life, we ​​have asked ourselves: how can I do my makeup in 5 minutes?

Well, today at Biosplendor we are going to show you, how to see yourself radiant, with luminosity and enhance your own beauty. We believe that it is easy to achieve it if you know how; so do not miss our tips to look stunning easylly.

Ready, set ... Yes and in just 5 minutes, with a super fast routine to get a natural daily makeup. The key? Well, as simple as being clear about the products to use and following well-defined steps. It will not take more than a few minutes to achieve a spectacular makeup to face the day to day, both to go to work at the office and to go to study.

Natural makeup step by step

What products do I apply in my routine? Well the answer is simple, your natural makeup will look much better if they are your usual products, with which you feel comfortable with and that help enhance your beauty in a natural way. If you have not yet discovered makeup options that fully adapt to your skin, in the makeup category of Biosplendor online store, we are sure you will find your new favorites.

Why use organic makeup? Because it has multiple advantages such as that it respects the Ph of your skin and does not cause secondary problems such as redness, it does not clog pores, it is a perfect makeup for sensitive skin and it is also respectful with the environment.

What is the best clean makeup?

Well, for this routine, it is the one that makes you emphasize your own features in a natural way, we are not looking for very ornate makeup, but subtle and natural.

Well, let's get to what concerns us, let's start with the makeup routine in 5 minutes:

1) Prepare yourself:

To make things easier for you, the most agile thing is that you create a small list with your daily essentials or, even, that you keep them independently of the ones you use for other special occasions. Yes, we believe that if you have them separated from the “war makeup”, you will go much faster and you will be the winner of the challenge glam in 5 minutes.

Without further delay, time is precious, these are some of the products that you should always have at hand:

  • Makeup Foundation: powder or liquid/ fluid, whichever you prefer
  • Concealer: essential or not, for those days when you want to hide fatigue or imperfections
  • Organic blush: don't blush just get more volume
  • Highlighter: a touch of light, other optional makeup product, not mandatory
  • Eyeshadow: delicately pigments your eyelids
  • Eye Liner or eye pencil: to accentuate your look
  • Mascara: a light touch of color will provide that look
  • Eyebrows makeup: to shape them with subtlety
  • Lipsticks: stick, gloss… choose the one that best suits each moment

And do I need them all? Well, surely not, not all of us have the same needs when we put on makeup; so you can do without one or more of them. Even so, we want to show you the complete routine, because the speed lies in applying easy-to-do natural makeup techniques, we do not go into smoked, or very elaborate shading, but we opt for outlines or the use of eyeliner for example to gain speed in this express makeup routine.

What you will have to have very close to hand are also the accessories that will help you apply each of the products: brushes and sponges, without forgetting a pencil sharpener.

ow, with the makeup products and accessories ready, it's time to get started.

2) Let's go:

Daily natural makeup. Fast and effective

Makeup in the morning is one of the most important of the day (something we allways remind). It will help you complete your look in a natural and fresh way, that is why it is important that you have your skin well prepared for it. Let's go with the steps ;)

Face cleaning:

It couldn't be any other way… The best way to start your daily makeup routine is with a propper face cleansing routine. This is one of the basics that we have internalized at night, but what happens in the morning? No doubt, it is one of the best ways to prepare your skin for the rest of the day.

Use your natural cleanser the one you use regularely, following the specific recommendations of the treatment to get the most out of it. Thus, you will finish eliminating possible remains of makeup that were left at night, impurities or dead cells, and, in addition, you will have your pores ready to apply that second skin you want to achieve with makeup (even if it's very subtle skin).

Remember that many of these cleansers also take care of your skin or have other benefits such as preventing aging. Without a doubt, extra health for your skin that will help it look flawless.

Do you want to discover the best natural face cleansers? Click on the following button:

I want a Natural Face Cleanser

A natural makeup foundation


We continue with the face. If cleaning is one of the most important preliminary steps, the selection of a good quality makeup foundation would, of course, be the base of your natural makeup. Use the one that best suits your skin and with which you feel most comfortable, no matter if it is compact powder or a fluid cream foundation. You have many options to find your perfect natural makeup base.

And what about the application? Well, you actually have to find your way. It doesn't matter if you apply it using a sponge, a konjac sponge, a brush, or just your fingers; where you do have to influence is the type of coverage you want.

In a natural makeup for day time we recommend that you create a light effect, but, yes, with enough coverage to cover those spots or those imperfections with which you do not feel comfortable.

Many times, the application of the foundation will be enough and you will not have to think about covering possible dark circles or other signs of fatigue. If this is not your case, and you do not have dark circles or eye bags, you can skip the next step. You already know that the challenge is to have your natural makeup ready in 5 minutes. But, if you think it is best to cover up the signs of a difficult night because they are still present in the morning, continue reading that we define how to do it ...

Before doing so, if you want to see the options of natural foundations that we recommend, click on the following button:

See all Organic Foundations

Natural concealer. Hide perfectly


Now is the time to hide what the makeup foundation has not achieved. Dark circles and skin imperfections will be erased with a natural concealer. In addition, you will not only achieve this effect, you will also be treating and taking care of your skin with its organic and healthy ingredients. It is one of the advantages of using this type of makeup as we have mentioned.

The area of ​​dark circles is undoubtedly one of the areas where signs of fatigue or lack of sleep are most appreciated. One of the best ways to get rid of this look and make your whole face look radiant and fresh is with the use of a concealer in your makeup routine.

We want to achieve a light effect, so remember to use your favorite concealer if you have found a soft one, we believe that when you have already tried something that gives you just what you are looking for, why change it?.

Whether it is in liquid or cream format, the ideal is that you select the natural concealer that best suits your skin tone and its specific characteristics. You have many options to choose from whether your skin is dry, oily, normal / combination or sensitive.

As for the tones, choose a tone that suits your own skin tone, it is usual that it is a little lighter than the one you use on your foundation and it is also important that you take into account how your dark circles are, if they tend towards brown colors or if they are rather bluish (pay attention to the subtone of your skin).

As there are several concealers options that you can choose, by clicking on the following button you will see all the ones we think you are going to fall in love with:

See all Organic Concealers

Blush: the healthy touch

One of the most important steps in our routine ... As the application of the blush gives us volume on the face, helps in defining some áreas and also gives a vitality appearance. Choose the tones depending on whether you want to show a more youthful or sophisticated look; Although our recommendation in your makeup for daily basis is that you lean towards pink or peach tones.

The application will depend on the shape of your face, but the essential area is the cheeks (of course!) And they are precisely the ones that will give you that "good face" look, which is what we are looking for using it. The organic blush, in addition to pigmenting the area, is perfect for treating and giving health to your skin since most have antioxidant ingredients that help you fight the effects of free radicals.

Whether it is powder, cream, balm or stick, remember to be subtle in its application. We do not seek to overload our daily makeup, what we seek is to accentuate certain areas by giving them more volume and color. Thus, you can start with a very light layer, to be retouching until you achieve the desired effect. Just as you can always carry your natural blush in your bag, to give a touch up just before any occasion.

Of course, we also propose bio blush options in case you do not have or want to start into vegan and natural makeup options:

See all Biosplendor blushers

A touch of light

For a daily natural makeup we recommend not to abuse in this step; in fact, using a natural highlighter could be, in most cases, a dispensable step. In the end we only have 5 minutes to finish our routine and we want to have flawless results.

Although if you decide to continue with this step, the most important thing is to look for a natural shine, nothing overloaded, goldy effect or artificial. The key is to have some glow on some áreas of your face. To do this, we recommend that you try to highlight areas where you already have some natural light. The must of this step, the one that we think you should not ignore, is the application of some subtle strokes on the upper part of the cheekbones.

Vegan or natural highlighters are many types. Our options, in addition to highlighting and illuminating your face, are delicate formulas wich take care of your skin. Choose a cream highlighter, in mousse or stick format, just use the one you like the most, ll of them will have the desired effect. Whatever it is, you will have the natural option of applying an extra light on your face that will allow you to delicately highlight cheekbones, nose or chin and will allow you to look radiant in your day to day.

This would be one of the last steps of the makeup routine on your skin. Prior to the highlighter, you could have also used some powder to finish shading the result; But depending on your skin type, the weather or the result in previous steps, the application of sealing powders can give a more matte feel that you don't want ... (this is a taste matter).

You don´t want to skip this step because you love the game that a highlighter gives to makeup? Click below and discover all the best glowy highlighter ever:

I wan´t my Natural Highlighter

And now we continue with one of the most important parts. The eye area concentrates several steps, some that you should not skip. The look is one of the most important parts of the face, if not the most, to achieve a natural makeup effect.

An eyehadow with natural ingredients


Because they take care of the delicate skin of your eyelids, using natural shadows is a must for makeup lovers. For your day makeup, this is another step that you could avoid. But if even so, if you like them too much and you think it is mandatory in your routine, we recommend earthy tones or peachy makeup tones, applying them gently & light. This way, we will be able to give depth to the look without creating an excess effect; We repeat, we do not want to overload.

Bright or metallic colors are not the most appropriate during the day, you can reserve these palettes for those occasions or special moments that require your party makeup tones. The same happens with the smoky eyes effect, which will surely be your great ally for an ideal evening makeup, but it is a technique that for the day if you do not control the application of color in makeup well, it could be somewhat excessive.

In its use, nothing new that you do not know. Apply your natural eyeshadow from the root of the lash line to the eyelid. Take into account that those that are presented in cream format are more unctuous as they are made on an oil base than those in powder format, which usually have a mineral base. Do it gradually in layers, to get the effect you are looking for without overloading and you will have them ready in a moment.

See all Biosplendor Eye Shadows

Eyeliner or natural eye pencil:


Both options are good for demanding eyes. Perhaps, the Eye Liner is a technical plus that not all of us master; while most of us feel safer with an eye pencil in hand. You opt for one version or another, it is one of the best ways to give depth to the look, make it more elongated and feline with just a few strokes.

We are not going to explain how to delineate your eyes, since you can find countless tutorials on the internet. What we do want to influence is to use it in a subtle way, with a not very accentuated and not very thick marking so that it remains in line with the rest of natural makeup.

For the day to day it is a step that provides a plus of sophistication in a very fast way.

Check all Eyeliners & Eye Pencils now

Natural eyelashes. A Mascara is needed:

We finish the eyes with the mascara, because in addition to making our eyes appear larger, they also create the effect of a more awakened look. As we do not want to create an excess effect, it is very important to take into account the amount of product to apply, so that one pass will surely be enough. Remember to apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of the lashes and with zig-zag movements to separate them. Natural eyelash masks are the best option for everyone.

Take a look at the natural eyelash masks that Biosplendor have selected for you. You can find them in black, brown, purple, and with ingredients such as almond oil, avocado ... they are ideal to get that natural look that complements your look in 5 minutes and avoid any skin reaction, as their natural ingredients are perfect for sensitive eyes.

See all Mascara

Perfect natural eyebrows:


It will depend on whether you have them thick or thin and, surely, just by combing them you will have enough to achieve the desired effect. But if you like to look well defined, you cannot skip this step.

Either in cream format or with a pencil, in Biosplendor you will find the eyebrow makeup that you like the most to help shape them and and give them a fuller appearance. Always with natural and organic options because we also want you to take care of yourself.

Check all Eye Brow Makeup

Natural lipstick, the cherry on the cake:

It's the finishing touch to a good natural makeup routine, it´s the icing on the cake. You have many options on the market, in pencil, in stick such as a balm, liquid, matte, glow effect ... whatever, it is best to choose one that hydrates and protects, since in the morning we tend to have a little dehydrated lips, they have to be touched up and they have to keep up with the rhythm of the day (coffee, food, etc.)

What color do I choose? Well, it will depend a bit on your general look, the time of year and the tones you have selected for all your makeup. A safe bet is usually pink, nude and other natural colors that give you a fresh look and not too heavy.

As an extra tip, we recommend 2-in-1 products, such as natural lipsticks that you can apply both in this area and on the cheeks to give them that blush effect. A great way to save time, but also the amount of products to use. Be sure to see Ere Pérez's carrot color pots, wich are vegan and with a lot of ideal properties to take care of yourself.

See al Vegan & Natural Lipsticks

Finally ready to go!

Reading our tips will have taken a little more than 5 minutes, that's for sure, but now you know how to achieve a natural and fast makeup.

Try to internalize all the steps, those that are mandatory for you and those that you can do without. This way, you will be able to have your daily makeup in 5 minutes.

Need more advice?, or simply, ypu preffer to watch a video tutorial?. Take a look at the 5 Minuts challenge of Jessica Alba makeup routine:

Now, you are ready to face a new day and in record time.

Show the best of you, and give a step into natural makeup using options of clean makeup products that we offer you at Biosplendor. Discover more:

Ecological makeup brands

Ere Perez Makeup

Shamanic Makeup

The Organic Pharmacy Makeup

And before leaving, if you liked our recommendations, please comment this post below and share this article on your social networks using the bellow buttons, so others can also join the “quick makeup race” (really appreciate it).

Until the next article in our BlogSplendor . Take care!

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