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Summer is over, and with it we have left behind moments of the beach, of disconnection, of enjoying under the rays of the sun ... we have enjoyed, yes, and now, with the desire to be realistic, we give you, worth the redundancy, welcome to reality: working hours, children at school, physical somewhat deteriorated by the aggression of external agents ...

And since this BlogSplendor entry is dedicated to how to fix dry and damaged hair, we focus on it, because after the wonderful summer season we have needs in the form of questions:

  • What pills are good for hair loss?
  • What is good for make regrow my hair?
  • How to hydrate dry and damaged hair?
  • Hor to remedy hair thinning?

And this is where we offer you solutions to repair the damage to your hair. Remedies that we have unified so that according to your tastes you can find the best therapy or routine and thus be able to say goodbye to scourer hair. We have done it!

Repair damaged hair. Naturally.

As an online store of natural hair treatments that we are, at Biosplendor, the natural option is always the priority option; Why? Well, because in conventional hair products we could find chemical compounds that instantly improve the appearance of the hair, but their use carries risks that are better to avoid, such as:

  • Silicones: They provide an instant and very beautiful external shine, yes, but that is because they create an outer layer to the hair fiber; This layer covers it and makes the hair shine and appear healthy.

The reality is that silicone camouflages damaged hairs, which may be crumbling, creating a much bigger problem in the long run.

We believe that beyond offering short-term solutions to hair damage, natural hair cosmetics should offer effective remedies for damaged hair, which are natural of course and which provide deep and long-term benefits. We love to say that:

“I, in my hair, attack problems from the root”

As our star phrase says, we like to address the base of the problems and recommend treatments and solutions that act on your hair in an outstanding way, so that they will forever remedy any problem that you consider your hair has.

Our secret formula ?:

Healthy diet + Natural hair routine + Natural supplementation + Shock treatments = WHAT A MANE!

Of course, now we reveal our secrets for perfect hair:

Natural products to repair damaged hair:

We all like to show off our hair! It is a reality that accentuates our beauty and femininity, and hence the need to take care of it as much as possible.

It is here where the need arises to have the best visibility on the Treatments for damaged hair that exist in the market.

And as we have commented in the previous paragraphs, in today's article we will delve into how to have beautiful hair, the treatments you can apply and remedies to repair very damaged hair...

We want nothing to stop your authenticity, and that you wear a mane worthy of that unique beauty that we all have.

Mask for dry and damaged hair. You can't ignore it:

This is one of the most effective and in-demand treatments for damaged hair. Natural hair care brands such as Rahua Beauty have among their products very complete masks that will make your hair regain the vitality it had, all its shine and splendor.

For example, one of their star products full of an enviable inci with super effective active ingredients, is the Omega9 nourishing mask for dry hair. A classic that you should do if one of your goals is to show off your hair in the most natural way.

Check the best Organic Hair Masks

Natural hair serum:

They are the ideal solution to improve the appearance and health of your hair.

While using oils or a mixture of natural oils for hair has a great effect on your hair health, these products limit us when it comes to being able to go out on the streets comfortable wearing a light mane ...

And since it seems that everything has already been invented, you could not miss a treatment that acts in depth, that is of shock and that does not limit your outings: It is the hair repair serum.

Natural hair care brands create non-greasy, masterful formulas that make natural active ingredients for hair penetrate deep into your hair fiber up to the shaft to maximize the result, and all this with the enjoyment of light textures that do not weigh down .

At Biosplendor, we are definitely very fans of this type of natural haircare product.

Natural hair vitamins

Hair,skin,nails natural pills

Our favorite hair treatment. A treatment that provides from the inside and reflects the natural beauty of your hair. Natural hair supplements are the answer when you wonder what you could take to strengthen your hair.

When you want to remedy hair loss, or if you have weak hair, or you notice it is sparse and you want to know what to do to have more hair; Any topical treatment that we apply will help you, but if you accompany it with the best vitamins for hair, you will ensure a positive effect.

Many people ask us "what vitamin should I take for hair", or "what can I take to strengthen hair", and after recommendations on vitamins for hair from herbalists, advice on beneficial compounds ... we decided to look for the best pills for hair and nails.

It was a job of many months and a lot of testing with different people and problems, and we found the ideal candidate we wanted in Biosplendor: Madame La Présidente.

In addition to enchanting the brand for its name, its philosophy: because it is created by a real woman, with a demanding routine like all of us, its founder is an empowered woman who despite the busyness of her life, decided to fight to fulfill her dream ( is a source of inspiration)...

In addition to tablets for hair, skin and nails, this brand works with pleasure, never better said. If you try their gummies for hair loss, the hair pill opinions you had so far will change forever. It is a delicious, natural and super effective way to take care of yourself. Few treatments have we found that have satisfied so many of our senses at once… mmmmm.

Madame La Présidente is a revolution in hair care.

Hair loss vitamins

When you think of Mercadona's hair loss pills, say NO; Only natural compounds will treat you and your hair with the affection you deserve, and Madame La Présidente cares about it.

Click to see Natural Nutricosmetics for Hair

Natural oils to hydrate hair. Which ones to use?

Buy Organic Hair oil

The oils are shock treatments. Given their molecular weight and oily texture, they tend to make hair greasy; We do not usually use them to go out, so in hair care with oils you have to include them as an extra to a lifestyle that favors your health and therefore the appearance of your hair, with a balanced diet and perhaps something of supplementation depending on what your goal is.

Depending on your need, the use of ecological or organic hair oils will vary, and it is important that you select well which one best suits your objective, so that you appreciate a significant change according to what you want to correct or improve.

Now, keep reading, because we recommend some oils that will help you reach your specific goal quickly:

Natural oil for damaged and dry hair:

Restructuring, softening and strengthening properties is what you need if this is your problem; A good organic almond oil for hair will fulfill these functions perfectly.

Its high concentration of vitamin E (it is very necessary to have healthy and beautiful hair), ensures a very good hydration of your hair, improves the blood flow of your scalp, which will imply that the absorption of nutrients from your hair is better and more effective.

Also thanks to its antioxidants it will act as a magnificent sunscreen for the hair.

Another of its benefits is that it reduces split ends thanks to having a good concentration of essential oils.

It goes without saying that we can get this type of oil in any herbalist, even in some supermarkets and that its value for money is ideal.

Go ahead and nourish your mane with almond oil.

Organic oil for frizzy hair:

Ending the frizz in your hair is not an impossible task. Using coconut oil, you will greatly improve its condition.

You can get rid of frizzy hair starting from the base: Moisturize the hair. For this you must use coconut oil to hydrate the hair.

Its molecular weight is so low, that it penetrates the hair fiber more easily, nourishing your hair from the inside and repairing its dryness, which will significantly improve the appearance of scrubby or frizzy hair.

In addition, it also helps prevent hair loss, since it prevents the loss of protein that causes hair loss.

Coconut oil is one of the few that has been scientifically studied, and its results are proven.

Natural oil to strengthen hair:

Natural hair oil buy online

If, on the other hand, what worries you is that you notice weak, brittle, very fine hair and this makes it break easily, your ally is natural avocado oil for hair.

It is an oil with a compendium of ideal vitamins, rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, they act as an antioxidant protecting your hair and also stimulate the creation of collagen, strengthening and revitalizing it.

Our advice? Use it as a conditioner after washing, or as a mask by leaving it applied to your hair for 15 minutes and removing it afterwards.

Use it continuously and you will marvel at its effects.

Another ideal oil to strengthen hair that is used as a preventive when combing hair with an iron is natural Argan Oil. Argan oil for damaged hair is a classic, because it heals split ends, repairs damage to hair fibers, improves the condition of the scalp, conditions your hair and protects it from the sun. Argan oil is one of the most widely used oils in the world of natural hair cosmetics. If you want to discover the best oil for your hair, click on the following button:

See Pure Argan Oil

Organic oil for hair loss:

If your hair falls out, you may have a lack of vitamins, so whenever you have a severe loss, you should go to a specialist so that they can evaluate possible vitamin deficiencies in the diet. Likewise, accompanying this with specialized supplementation we repeat is one of our tricks, so get yourself the natural anti-hair loss pills from Madame La Présidente.

If you have already put into practice the previous two parts of Biosplendor's star formula for beautiful hair, what you need to do is apply a shock treatment with castor oil.

Around 80 to 100 hairs per day fall out, but when the volume is greater and the fall is constant, this tends to make the hair thinner and we can suffer from some type of alopecia.

Natural Castor Oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight almost any disorder that may be occurring on the scalp (dandruff, irritation, etc.). On numerous occasions, these problems induce hair loss, and hence its importance.

In addition, it contains ricinoleic acid, which promotes blood flow to the scalp, balances its pH and encourages the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, strengthening the hair roots, preventing them from falling out.

Castor Oil: One of the infallible in the search for natural remedies for hair loss.

Natural oil to have more volume in the hair:

When we talk about hair volume, we do it for two reasons: We have very straight hair or We lack amount of hair. Today we are going to focus on this second one.

The natural Jojoba oil for hair is ideal to give you more hair, because it regulates the secretion of bait from your scalp and cleans the hair follicle in depth, avoiding plugging and lack of capillary irrigation; thus we avoid disorders and therefore hair loss.

It is a 100% natural hair product with a dual effect, because it also acts as a natural moisturizing hair oil.

The best hair oil:


We do not believe that one is better than another, but it all depends on what you want to improve; But if you are looking for a natural hair oil that can serve multiple purposes, natural castor oil for hair works wonders.

Why do we choose this one? In this case, answering these questions is very easy: it is an oil that can be used for hair, skin and nails (a 3-in-1 oil).

Focusing on hair, which is what brings you here today, thanks to its fatty acids and minerals, castor oil has multiple positive effects:

  • Hydrates hair in depth
  • Strengthens hair and adds shine
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Provides volume

Do you like our tips to have more beautiful hair?

Well, as you have just read and seen, the use of oils in your hair routine will mean a before and after in the appearance and health of your hair.

Now if you want to know more about how to apply these oils, we recommend the following YouTube video from the FarahDhukai channel, which wonderfully explains how to apply them.

But before leaving, share this article on your social networks with the icons below and leave us a comment to see if you liked it and thus continue generating more content of this type.

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