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- The Best Hand Sanitizer is composed by natural ingredients -


In recent times, our hand care habits have changed, more specifically due to the proliferation of the Covid-19, which has completely changed our lives. Before, there were some of us who occasionally carried a small bottle of disinfectant on them to use at specific times, when we didn't have a sink on hand or spent the day outside, at work, touching a thousand things. In many cases, people excessively concerned about their hand hygiene to fight pathogens, were labeled a bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or rare ... But look at you, now we are the entire world society a little OCD, and we, we have had to get used to carrying with us that small SOS boat that manages to calm us down a bit when we do not have soap and water on hand in each and every moment that is necessary to us.


The Hand Sanitizer has become an essential in our hygiene routine. We take it with us everywhere. We have it at home at hand. We have it in our car, but it should not be missing. At the start of Covid19, we had a fairly long time when their stocks ran out, almost on a par with the masks. Now, it is already a fact that will become part of our lives, and will become one more daily element between our habits and our uses.

Vegetal alcohol hand sanitiser:

Fortunately, for those of us who believe in a natural way of looking at life and taking care of ourselves, there are also NATURAL Hand Sanitizers. Yes, of 100% natural origin, with ingredients that in addition to disinfecting, care and treat, and that when absorbed through our skin, do us no harm. The continuous use during the day of this type of hydroalcoholic gels (especially the conventional ones) is causing an extreme dryness of the hands, it is damaging and cracking, leaving lifeless nails and a rough, rough and unfavorable appearance. In addition to cracks and wrinkles. But there is something that we cannot ignore: If we want a product to disinfect and attack Covid19 (and other viruses) fully, killing it by its roots, ALCOHOL must exist within its ingredients.

Let's face it, we can't do anything else. For a good hand sanitizer to eliminate viruses, pathogens and bacteria, and more today, the remains of Covid19 that can walk on our skin, it must contain at least 60% alcohol in its formulation. We cannot escape from here.


Fortunately, we have natural alternatives, and for us, the best natural hand sanitizer or hydroalcoholic gel, in addition to containing plant extracts with antiviral, fungicidal and antibacterial properties, must include, among its alcohol base, that which is vegetable, and its water-based, fully purified, and if it also includes disinfecting properties, the better. For this reason, at Biosplendor we decided to use for the best care of our hands and effective and adequate disinfection, a disinfectant that contains alcohol (Ethanol) of natural origin, as well as vegetable glycerin (glycerol), and 2 types of water based (distilled and oxygenated), pure, totally harmless to the skin and with disinfecting qualities:

As an ideal option, that takes care of your hands while brings you the most security, you can now enjoy the "Aer for Biosplendor Vegetal Hand sanitiser": 

Natural origin ingredients for hand desinfection:

Natural Alcohol Ethanol: You know that. You can choose between a conventional alcohol-based hand sanitizer or a plant-based alcohol (ethanol) hand sanitizer through distillation and fermentation of fruit sugars and sugar cane. It cleans and preserves, is safer for the skin, disinfects and attacks all kinds of microorganisms, including viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is one of the most used compounds to control infections when soap and water are not nearby to wash your hands.


Distilled Water: The purest and weakest water, free of traces, without the presence of minerals but also of heavy metals such as chlorine or boron, make it perfectly suitable for use in cosmetics, cleaning and disinfecting without damaging the skin. Did you know that distilled water is more appropriate for skin that has eczema, acne and rosacea, compared to tap water, since it is harder and with a greater presence of heavy metals? Distilled water, as an ingredient in cosmetics, is very useful for people with very sensitive skin. Most cosmetics have running water in their composition. Substituting distilled water for this means removing minerals and contaminants, impurities, dissolved traces and colloidal particles. Distilled water prevents the growth of bacteria and hydrates much more due to the ability to balance our pH, much friendlier and lower than conventional hard tap water.


Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerol): Natural compound that is derived from vegetable oils. It is moisturizing and moisturizing, managing to trap the moisture that enters the skin, making it ideal for natural hand sanitizers so that after continued use the hands are not so dry. Glycerol has come to be considered one of the most effective moisturizers. In addition to hydrating, it improves the skin barrier function and the defense properties of the skin, protects against irritating agents, is healing, accelerating wound healing processes and, of course, is a good antibacterial agent against a multitude of pathogens.


Oxygenated Water: Also known as Hydrogen Peroxide, it is water, with more added oxygen (H2O2) 2 oxygen molecules instead of 1. It kills all kinds of bacteria, protecting us in addition to viruses and fungi. Keeps all kinds of infections at bay. It was the traditional remedy for grandmothers! As a great antiseptic, it heals wounds, disinfects and, as a curiosity, it is a bleaching agent that serves to combat dark spots, in this case those of the hands, which is where we are going to apply the product.



There are also various plant extracts that can be used to attack a wide variety of viruses and bacteria, such as Tea Tree Oil and Grapefruit Seed extract, which combat a wide variety of pathogens. We can find them in natural hand sanitizer formulations, or even sold individually in herbalists. But in Biosplendor, we opt, within the formulations for the elaboration of natural hydroalcoholic gels, for these botanical extracts that, together with vegetable alcohols and purified waters, are the best allies to fight the undesirable Covid19:


Tangerine Oil: It has antiseptic properties and fights fungi. Treat infections. Repair damaged tissues. Purifying and antitoxic.


Silver Spruce: Its properties are those of cleaning and purification. Accelerates the wound healing process. It prevents infections. Its use on pathogens of the respiratory system is adequate. At the same time, it reduces cracks, dryness and flaking on the skin. Relieves skin that suffers from conditions such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.


Himalayan Cedar Wood Oil: Called "Oil of the Gods" used for centuries by multiple civilizations. There is a belief that it is one of the first extracts that man used in holistic and natural healing. A "natural medicine" that was used to embalm as it kept insects and microbes away from the bodies. The use of this oil repels microorganisms and insects. It is an antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal. Prevents the risk of infections. As an aromatherapy, it is a great pain reliever, relieving stress and anxiety.


Lavandin Oil: It is one of the safest oils to apply directly to the skin in its pure form. It is considered one of the oils for natural skin cleansing. Insect repellent and purifier. Antiseptic and anti-infective. Fights pathogens and germs related to viral respiratory tract infections. Healing and regenerating the skin.



Do not hesitate, from now on, many habits will return to being as before, but others will not. We will soon be able to do everything we did before, in the same way, with the same desire to live and the same intensity. We will return to our long-awaited kisses and hugs, it is our way of being, no one will change it for us, like our way of socializing. Each of us is as we are, but it is also true that we will have to prevent and protect ourselves a little more in the face of threats that, unfortunately, we have realized surround us and, when we least expect it, kick them out or proliferate them. That is why, a disinfectant bottle, who was going to tell us some time ago, would have to become one more essential element in our daily life, along with the purse, wallet or car keys. It is true that it is not so uncomfortable either, but if it is natural, innocuous, and instead of damaging your hands and your health, it takes care of it, better than better, right?

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