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Nyp & Baby Balm (Organic)

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Rich and delicate cream, 100% organic, specially directed to mothers who suffer discomfort and sore nipples after breastfeeding. It offers great relief. Also for children who suffer from diaper rash or itching this is their treatment.

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

With its very high concentration of marigold, Inlight's Nyp and Baby Balm has been formulated with the sole aim of alleviating and supporting all those mothers and babies during the precious moment of breastfeeding. In moms, this process can cause them pain, wounds or cracks, and it is important to keep nourished the skin of this sensitive area and well hydrated. The carefully selected 100% organic plant bio-active ingredients work to repair and soothe the nuisance of the nipples during breastfeeding. For babies, diaper rash is the most common friction and discomfort experienced by small children during their first months of life. This natural and delicate treatment, with its great marigold content, helps to prevent wounds and reduces redness, giving relief to tender skin and the discomfort of newcomers.
The goal of Inlight is to offer both moms and babies an excellent product that meets all expectations during a special stage for both. Its active ingredients based on organic plants offer effective and safe results. All ingredients of Nyp & Baby balm are natural and organic and do not alter or impair the taste and properties of breast milk. The balm is free of synthetics, alcohol, water and lanolin *

* Lanolin is a greasy secretion from the sebaceous glands of sheep. Its use is frequent by cosmetic companies for various tasks, including including it in baby and mother's creams, anti-wrinkles and painkillers. Although effectively, softens and calms, in many cases lanolin contains a large load of pesticides as the wool bathes in chemicals to eliminate parasites just before extracting lanolin from its glands.

For the whole family, Nyp & Baby balm, with its high marigold content, is the safest multifunction soothing treatment for any delicate skin that needs it. It's not just for babies and moms, also for everyone who needs to be by your side.

You may find small white granules typical of the shea butter condensation. It is a result of the mixture of its natural and raw ingredients. 



Calendula: Soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It effectively treats dermatitis and erythema of the skin. Among its many benefits, we highlight: Calm sunburn, both pain and promoting skin regeneration. It is anti-inflammatory, so it is important to apply it on areas affected and prone to eruptions. It is ideal for the delicate skin of babies. It is disinfectant and treats insect bites. It is antiallergic and antipruritic. Necessary for sensitive and delicate skins. Use indicated for redness and irritation, eczema and urticaria.

Olive Oil: Its anti-inflammatory powers go very well for people with psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Contains antioxidants. Calms cracked skin. It has antimicrobial benefits. It is very moisturizing, soothing, it relieves battered skin and itchy and itchy and rebuilds the skin defense barrier.

Rose Oil: It has innumerable therapeutic properties. Astringent. Balancing, restorative, gives elasticity to the skin and is anti-aging.

Lavender: Excellent tolerance, it is soothing and has a high healing power and skin regenerator. Calm down. It fights skin problems like cuperosis, acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, sores, ulcers, itching, damaged skin and burns. 


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

During the pre-birth phases: Generally massage the balm on the breast every day, paying special attention to the nipple area, with circular movements, to help promote hydration and elasticity in the moments prior to the breastfeeding phase.

During breastfeeding: Before breastfeeding, carefully clean the nipple with a cotton swab dipped in water that has been boiled previously. After breastfeeding, clean the nipple and apply a little bit of treatment to the nipple area.

For diaper rash: Generously massage the amount of product needed over the area to treat the child as often as necessary to treat, soothe, relieve and prevent redness, wounds and discomfort. Its oil base repels water and protects against moisture.

This product is only intended for the most sensitive and delicate skins, and is unique. 100% organic, with a formula free of synthetic ingredients, is a safe treatment to use it all types of skins of all ages, even newborns. If you are afraid of having any kind of allergy to any of the natural ingredients we recommend that you perform a 24 hour test by placing the product on an area of ​​your body that is not damaged or irritated. After this time, if you see that it has not given you any kind of reaction, you can use it wherever you want. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

Olea europaea - olive oil - emollient, nourishing, soothing, antioxidantCocos nucifera - coconut oil - moisturising, emollient, nourishingSesamum indicum - sesame oil - moisturising, antioxidantCera alba - beeswax - protective, emollientRosa rubiginosa - rose oil - regenerative, antioxidant , RestorativeHelianthus annuus - sunflower oil - moisturising, antioxidantOenothera biennis - evening primrose oil - antioxidant, regenerating, moisturisingCalendula officinalis - marigold extract - antiseptic, cytophylacticPlantago major - plantain extract - promoting healing, astringentLavandula angustifolia - lavender oil - cytophylactic, Soothing, antibacterialCymbopogon martinii - palmarosa oil - tonic, cytophylactic, antibacterialDaucus carota sativa - carrot root extract - antioxidant, skin conditioningSimmondsia chinensis - jojoba oil - moisturising, emollient, nourishingCentella asiatica - hydrocotyl Leaf extract - promoting skin elasticity, regeneratingEquisetum arvense - horsetail extract - mineralising, restructuringUrtica dioica - nettle extract - antioxidant, mineralisingCitrus medica limonum - lemon peel extract - antiseptic, astringentRosa damascena - rose oil - astringent, antioxidant, cicatrisantGeraniol * , Linalool *, limonene *, farnesol, * citral *, citronellol *
* Natural constituent of essential oils.

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Nyp & Baby Balm (Organic)

Rich and delicate cream, 100% organic, specially directed to mothers who suffer discomfort and sore nipples after breastfeeding. It offers great relief. Also for children who suffer from diaper rash or itching this is their treatment.

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