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Mother & Baby massage oil - 100ml

The perfect massage oil for babies and moms! Leaves skin soft, supple and nourished. It will also calm and relax your mind.

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Icono informacion de producto Biosplendor ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:

Moisturizing and sensorial massage oil, loaded with essential oils with multiple properties for the skin and beneficial aromatherapeutic effects. The safe blend of lavender and chamomile along with marigold, jojoba and rosehip make a smooth blend making it suitable for babies and their moms. 



Sunflower Oil: Rich in vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants. It is anti-aging and treats problems like acne and dermatitis. It is antibacterial and very soothing.

Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes all skin types and plays an important role as skin protector, either by external factors (environmental) or by premature aging. It regulates sebaceous production, especially in oily skin and associated problems. It has an excellent tolerability, penetrates easily and leaves a satin tone that embellishes. Prepares the skin for future solar exposures.

Calendula: Anti-inflammatory. Aimed especially for all reactive, red, irritated and itchy skin. It is the plant of babies and all those people who want to take special care of their sensitive skin. It is very soothing, it brings well-being. Nourishes and moisturizes. He treats many conditions, especially dermatitis. It is healing and provides well-being to dry and rough skin.

Lavender: Innocuous and of excellent tolerance. Calm and silk. It is very healing and regenerating the skin. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It treats states of stress, anxiety, insomnia and agitation. It also relieves numerous skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema, itching, dermatitis, ulcers, sores and cuperosis.

Chamomile: Calms outbreaks, rashes, itching and itching. It will also keep skin fresh and moisturized. 


Icono instrucciones de uso producto Biosplendor HOW TO USE IT:

Massage the body of the baby or child every night with the softening oil to enjoy beautiful and repairing dreams. 



Icono ingredientes de producto Biosplendor INGREDIENTS:

Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annus), Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) Extract *, Carrot (Daucus Carrota), Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis), Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Linalool, Limonene , Geraniol.

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